Arsenal vs Everton, Premier League Gameweek 33 Match Highlights [VIDEO]

In case you missed today’s Premier League match, here are the match highlights from the high scoring match (cough, cough) between Arsenal and Everton. Even though there were a lack of goals, there were still plenty of talking points.

2 thoughts on “Arsenal vs Everton, Premier League Gameweek 33 Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. Fault is only to be seen by AW. His stubbornness to leave a proven clinical striker on the “sideline” even after 40 flops and blunders by Giroud and Gervinho is ridiculous. Podolski has over 100 international games with a excellent scoring record, if played from season beginning in central position he would have scored 30 above by now.
    But no, stubborn Wenger keeps a bench player (if at all) in the middle of the attack game after game of sitters and blunders, instead using a clinical striker we have in the squad.

    1. Gervinho could not score in a brothel and is more or less utterly useless.

      Giroud, on the other hand, I wouldn’t write off just yet. He is very inconsistent in front of net at the moment but has looked impressive on occasion (not yesterday, obviously.)

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