Watch Psy’s New Video – Gentleman; His Follow-Up to Gangnam Style [VIDEO]

Psy has released his newest music video as a follow-up to his worldwide hit, Gangnam Style. The new music video is for the single “Gentleman.”

You may be wondering why Psy’s new video, “Gentleman,” is being shown on a soccer blog. If you skip to minute 1:08, you can see Psy showing us his soccer skills on a pitch with several children. Based on Psy’s lob, he may want to pick up some soccer tips from his compatriots on the South Korea national soccer team.

Here’s the new video. Tell us in the comments section below whether you think this is better than Gangnam Style or not.

9 thoughts on “Watch Psy’s New Video – Gentleman; His Follow-Up to Gangnam Style [VIDEO]”

    1. I think there’s no problem with jovial videos now and again. 99% of our articles are focused on hardcore soccer news and analysis.

      The Gaffer

  1. Can’t explain it but this post has really annoyed me. How can this site strive for credibility with posts like this and the IT Crowd from the other day.

    It’s either a desperate play for clicks or an error in judgement. Trying to justify it just makes it worse.

    I frequently recommend this site to friends. I hope none show up today.

    1. Tony, you may not like this post, but other people may. So it’s really unfair for you to demand that posts like these not be put up just because YOU don’t like them.

      If you don’t like it so much, can’t you simply just skip it?

  2. Good grief. People take their soccer way too seriously here.

    Keep calm and skip to the next post. (If you don’t care for this.)

    If you don’t read it, the Gaffer will know by the hit count and probably won’t post it again based on viewership.

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