Rubin Kazan vs Chelsea, Basel vs Spurs & Newcastle vs Benfica: Europa League Open Thread

Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United compete against European opposition today in the second leg of their Europa League quarter-finals. Each team has an opportunity to guarantee a berth in the semi-final, but which of the three clubs will make it through?

Chelsea kicks off the action today with a tricky away match in Moscow against Rubin Kazan. In the first leg, Chelsea won 3-1 at Stamford Bridge. The match will be played nearly 500 miles away from Rubin Kazan’s ground on a synthetic pitch.

For viewers in the United States, you can watch Rubin Kazan vs Chelsea at Noon ET on FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer 2Go.

The next match is Basel against Tottenham Hotspur, kicking off at 3pm ET on FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer 2Go. Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon will be out injured. In the first leg, the result ended 2-2. Obviously it’s important for Spurs not to underestimate this very skilled Swiss team.

Hatem Ben Arfa could play a role in Newcastle’s home match against Benfica. He may start off with a place on the bench. The Toon Army lost 3-1 in the first round, so they have a lot of work to turn around the first leg defeat.

Newcastle versus Benfica will be shown live on FOX Soccer Plus at 3pm ET as well as on FOX Soccer 2Go and

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15 thoughts on “Rubin Kazan vs Chelsea, Basel vs Spurs & Newcastle vs Benfica: Europa League Open Thread”

  1. Chelsea defended very poorly today, especially on crosses. I guess they will say job done but it wasn’t a great performance. Chelsea to me are still the heavy favorites to win the EL, if they take it seriously (which depends on the league form I guess)

    1. i am not chelsea fan…but have tried playing on of those artificial turfs, the ball gets a true bounce and impact of on your knees is huge and for a team used to playing on real surface it is very hard to get used to overnight.

  2. Come on you Spurs! Win one for England and the EPL and, uh…. also to keep playing and wearing yourselves down for the run in!

    I have been looking forward to this one. The match between these two last week was one of the best I’ve seen all year. That Egyptian kid playing out wide to the right for Basel can bring it like crazy. Couple other good players on that side as well.

    If memory serves these guys went pretty far into the UCL last year I think. Good-looking club.

  3. Another great half of football between Spurs and Basel. Hey Basel, you want Scott Sinclair even up for this Salah character? That guy is fantastic.

  4. john strong gets it. well i don’t know about “it” but certainly the other it. he’s a natural and has the pulse of every game i’ve seen. ah-hem.

  5. Penalties! It’s time for English teams to finally do something when it comes to penalties, right?

    The Gaffer

    1. Pfft! “Way to go” Emmanuel Adebayor. That was an awful penalty kick. Plus he had a chance to win the game near the end of extra time but was too selfish.

      The Gaffer

      1. Huddlestone walked up to the spot looking like he’d just made his Mother in Law pregnant. Adebayor obviously thought it was funny and aimed for a seat in the upper tier.

        1. I agree. The worst part about Adebayor’s penalty was how he smiled and laughed after he missed it. It just goes to show why AVB needs to get rid of him this summer.

          The Gaffer

  6. Spurs lose due to Adebayor being a selfish idiot, Boras being a poor manager (Huddlestone takes penalty shot?? They are nothing without Bale.

  7. fantastic achievement by Basel making the semifinals of a European competition.

    To me Chelsea are the favorites still, I can only see Benfica probably giving them problems.

  8. Chelsea are now favorites but don’t count out Turkish side Fernabache as they can be difficult to beat especially at home.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s draw for both the Europa League and Champions League.

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