The Clubs That Are The Best Crossers in the Premier League for 2012-13 To Date

The interesting thing about most statistics is that they often reveal remarkable facts that you otherwise wouldn’t know. At least the ones that are published do.

This week, we’ve looked at the footballers who have the best win percentages for their Premier League club as well as which Premier League clubs have the squads with the youngest average age.

Now the latest research reveals which teams have the most accurate crossing in the Premier League. At the bottom end of the table, Liverpool and Arsenal have the worst cross completion rate (only 14% and 15% of their crosses, respectively, find a teammate).

At the top end of the table, the highest percentage of crosses that find a teammate belong to West Ham United (24.49%), Swansea (22.88%) and Norwich (21.88%).

Manchester United, who are often lauded as a great crossing side, have only 19.55% of their crosses finding their teammate.

Here are the stats in full:

According to Opta Stats, here are the best and worst crossers in the Premier League this season:


1. Rickie Lambert (Southampton), 36% of crosses find teammate
2. Jonathan de Guzman (Swansea), 33.93%
3. Guy Demel (West Ham), 33.33%
4. Wayne Routledge (Swansea), 28.57%
5. Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland), 28.07%


1. Adam Johnson (Sunderland), 9.28% of crosses find teammate
2. Ronnie Stam (Wigan), 10.47%
3. Jose Bosingwa (QPR), 10.61%
4. Armand Traore (QPR), 10.11%
5. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal), 11.32%

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