The Teams With the Average Youngest Age in the Premier League

Which club has the youngest average age in the Premier League? And vice-versa, which club has the oldest average age? The answers may surprise you.

First, the club with the oldest average is the one that sits at the very bottom of the league — Queens Park Rangers, where the average age is 28. Perhaps you could draw a correlation between the age of the squad and the team’s poor performances this season, where Harry Redknapp’s side has seemed to lack the gas in the second half of matches to turn draws into wins.

Second, the team that has the youngest average age is not Aston Villa, but it is in fact Liverpool. The average age of the Liverpool squad is 23.22 years. The young age can be seen as a positive in that the quality of the team should increase as the footballers get more experienced. At the same time, the young age of the squad could be seen as a negative as players will learn on the job.

Looking at the data, what are some of the interesting observations that you see? Share them in the comments section below.

H/T Liverpool FC.

5 thoughts on “The Teams With the Average Youngest Age in the Premier League”

  1. Is this for the entire 1st team squads as per their listed on the PL site? Not just the 11 or 18 that they usually start/dress?

    The QPR assumption is interesting, but right behind them is Fulham who are pretty comfortable in mid table. I think the QPR debacle goes much deeper. Piecing together expensive past prime players isn’t the best way to stay in the PL, it seems.

  2. Radek Černý alone could explain the QPR situation. 39 year old third string keeper!

    I think the QPR situation speaks more to Their promotoin and survival strategy. Clearly they sided with established players to get and stay in the Premiership, (ie. Park Ji Sung, Bobby Zamora, SWP, Bosingwa) and then even more recognized names to help them get out of the mire (ie. Julio Cesar, Samba, Jenas, Ben Haim ).

    The Liverpool situation is a little surprising, especially with Carragher (35) and Gerrard (32) still in the mix. One Raheem Sterling (18) does help, however. With him the average age of the three players is a more palatable 28.


  3. I think it is interesting the top 3 teams are grouped tightly together, from 11 to 14. Probably suggests a balanced squad is the way to go, blending young players, guys in their prime, and a few veterans.

    I also think its worth noting how small the differences here are. The average age of Norwich (4th oldest) and West Ham (15th) is less than one year.

  4. Not sure this tells as interesting a picture as you claim – since this covers the average age of each squad, rather than those who have seen first team action. Manchester City, for example, have lot of youth on their books that never got close to the first team. Would be more interesting to see the analysis based on players who have played in the league this season

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