FA Cup 6th Round and Premier League Sunday Gameweek 29: Open Thread

Other than world peace, one of my wishes is that there was a universal daylight savings time change instead of the United States and other countries changing it at different times of the year. While the clocks have gone ahead one hour in most of the US, they haven’t done the same in the United Kingdom, which means the kick-off times are a little screwy. Read the latest TV schedule to make sure you don’t miss any of the matches today.

In today’s matches, the big one is the FA Cup 6th round match between Manchester United and Chelsea. There’s a lot on the line for both clubs. Ferguson will want a quick response to the disappointing mid-week loss, while Chelsea will want to get a win for a chance of getting some silverware especially if they don’t get through the next round of the Europa League.

Plus there’s the early kick-off between Millwall and Blackburn in the FA Cup in addition to Premier League matches featuring Newcastle and Stoke, and — of course — the massive match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

145 thoughts on “FA Cup 6th Round and Premier League Sunday Gameweek 29: Open Thread”

  1. Game Day! Oh, how I love that sound. Good morning everyone. Today is going to be great. I have been studying and I feel like Katniss Everdeen: I’m on fire!

    I am really looking forward to calling my second MANU match of the week. Just wait until you hear my “Roooooooonnnneeeeeeee!” You might not recognize it as me because I have been working on my British accent. I think it is coming along quite nicely.

    I have also figured out a way to bring a crossover phrase from my college football calls. It’s from Texas A&M University. When “Roooooooonnnneeeeeeee’s” (sorry, I couldn’t resist – it just sounds so awesome) English teammate Ryan Giggs makes a good play I’m going to yell “Gig ‘em!” It’s so Dench.

    I’ve got some more surprises that are going to knock your socks off, but you will have to wait.

    I have been getting so many requests for autographed pictures that I am almost out of them. But you can email me with your request or any other thoughts you have at gus_avos@hotmail.com. Get it? “avos – American Voice of Soccer.” I have to thank my personal assistant at Fox Soccer Channel – Warren Barton – for setting that up for me.

    I’ve got to go now. The hotel is serving breakfast. It is quite ghastly – filled with plump pork sausages, thick slices of bacon, fried bread, fried mushrooms, fried potatoes and baked beans, served with a cup of hot tea. Oh, how I long for some good ol’ French toast, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, waffles or steak and eggs.

    Catch you from the Traff.
    The American Voice of Soccer

    1. Well there goes one of my surprises!! I was going to interview John Terry from the locker room, but was advised against it. Evidently, Terry must not like Americans.

  2. Going with Newcastle for the first EPL match. Not sure who are the underdogs for Milwall vs Blackburn but hoping that Milwall win as I haven’t really heard of them, unlike Blackburn which was just relegated only last season.

    As for the big match between Liverpool and Spurs, I’m clearly with Spurs as I really dislike Liverpool, though it won’t be easy as Liverpool have been doing well recently in the league. Meanwhile, the main talking point of the game is the clash between Suarez and Bale and it might be interesting if both really do score, if not either one.

    Still undecided on united vs Chelsea though, sigh…

  3. Oops, just realised that Newcastle vs Stoke was at 11 pm local time. Kept thinking it was at 9:30 pm. At least Milwall against Blackburn has already started (though I’m not interested enough to watch it).

  4. Ha, ha about Daylight Saving Time. When I woke up this morning my bed clock had one time and my PC and atomic clock were an hour ahead. My first response? Someone must have hacked the National Institute of Standards and messed with the time. Duh!! 😆

  5. Ah, &^%$#@ing daylight savings time!

    So I missed most of first half of this Cup Match. Sounds like I didn’t miss much. But I’m wondering, are the empty seats at the one end where the Away support would go at the Den? And basically no one from Blackburn had the courage to go there?

    No knock on Blackburn there, either. I wouldn’t go away support to Milwall if I had a Navy SEAL team backing me up.

    1. Actually the best defense at Millwall is to unfold and hold up movie poster size card with only one or two maths problems like 0+0= or 1-2=, always gives you at least another 5 minutes or so per sum. Enough time to get out of Bermondsey.

  6. So nice to see the Lion behind Rob Stone. Now there is a badge that would not look out of place in the EPL. Not going to happen anytime soon with this bunch of plodders.

  7. I would go with the SAS also good lads.Can’t root for Milwall but cheering for the chicken brothers are just as bad.

    i would be scared to go to the Den even as a neutral.

    will talksports have the UTD/CFC FA match today?

    1. Fox giving us the pleasure of Gus after losing the television rights bid, is like that store at the mall that is going out of business and hires the most worthless rude and unemployable clerks who just take your cash.

  8. What is Gus Johnson’s point with that hat? He looks ridiculous. Now he makes me angry even when I’m not listening to him.

    1. This is why I am wearing my hat:

      “Always, always, and I mean *always* … wear a hat.”

      Martin Tyler’s vital advice to Gus Johnson on soccer announcing.

      See. I am learnig from by bud Marty.

      1. well, Gus, he should have specified what type of hat because the one you are sporting is farcical.

        And I’m sorry to tell you this but you also look a bit like an old lesbian.

  9. I really wouldn’t want this match to end in a draw… would be rather frustrating not being able to know the full identity of the semi-finalists when the semi-final draw is made.

  10. Dust
    you might have jinxed your Spurs next week with your Moyes blast.i think next Saturday morning your going to be a huge Toffee fan for 2 hrs.

  11. So, Rooney starts in place of RVP in tonight’s game. Looks like the media has done nothing more than make a fool of themselves with all their nonsensical rumours about him.

  12. Oh lord, lock up the women and children up there in Venky’s land. There are some serious nutters heading your up way for this replay.

      1. I have some friends in Manc who told me some great stories about those Leeds mutants and their visit to town a few weeks back. But in the end, the worst you get with them is the odd guy with six fingers and whatnot.

        Millwall, on the other hand, will be sending the equivalent of Saruman’s raiding forces burning down all those villages at the beginning of the Two Towers movie.

    1. Lol, the media can really annoy me at times. Are they really just out to make $$? Or are they just plain ignorant and insensitive?

  13. Oh no. Bad enough to have the equivalent of the Hitler-Stalin 22 June 1941 fixture kicking off. But we get Gus on the mic for it as well.

    “Guderiannnnnnnnnnnn! Cross-ESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    FS Deportes…… where are you on my cable list?

  14. Liverpool in the lead, and it had to be Suarez. Wonder if hell be the top scorer this season? Wouldn’t mind him in place of RVP.

      1. Yes, I admit I am still quite bitter towards him.

        But don’t you think he was being a bit unreasonable, to say the least, when he left Arsenal for their rivals just like that? I mean, he should have known how the many fans, who had come to respect him so much, would feel after that, right?

          1. Yup, more like his inability to win trophies is doing that.

            Quite sad given all he had done for the club beforehand. Unfortunately it’ll be a miracle if he ever changes his ways.

  15. Wife is watching the game with me today, Once GUS shouted “FIIIRRRRE” for Ba’s shot, she raised an eyeborw and her face was like “what the?”.

  16. I was hoping to not complain about Gus Johnson but in the first 45seconds he has f-Ed up the game. His lack of knowledge cannot be hidden with yells and screams. The six, the six FFS STFU!!!

    1. You can thumbs down my comment all you want that does not change the facts. Lots of frigging useless stats. Who cares, we know United is 12 points clear, that is the 5th time he has told us that and it is the 21st minute.

  17. Loving Ian Wright right now. Fox may have just got their man to pair with Gus.

    Gus almost wet himself when Wright called that Rooney free kick to perfection.

  18. Gus is going to be Gus and I’ve just learned to deal with it. That being said:

    Parternering him up with Ian Wright has made him a little less…Gus, I guess. Wright seems to at least match his energy level and volume. It helps that Ian Wright really enjoys talking.

    This is not an endorsement of Gus. more of a simple observation about how putting him with a more complementary partner can help support the weaker parts of his craft while he learns on the fly.


    also, just because a ball is in the 18 yard box (or IN THE AREA!!! as you say) doesn’t mean the ball is IN THE SIX!!!

  20. That was a disgusting half easily could have been 3 or 4 nil. Chelsea has nothing to lose so why not throw caution to the wind and throw Torres on as well as Hazard. The margin of the loss won’t matter.

      1. What are you on about? Didn’t dive once in that match, unless you count going to ground after an elbow to the head, rugby tackle, and flying leg to his rib cage “diving”. Christ, some people will just find ANYTHING to latch onto when it comes to him.

          1. He admitted that sometimes he goes down easily, but today’s incident shouldn’t be placed in that category. Sorry, but any other player and the commentators and press would have sided with the attacker.

          2. In the second minute, he had an opportunity to take a dive and try and draw a penalty shot, he didn’t. That definitely stood out to me.

  21. Spot on Ian Wright, Benitez should have never taken that job…A joke of a club with spoilt fans and no tradition.

  22. omg – my area is hurting after that call by Gus “Avos”….I need to go watch some college basketball. At least I know Gus “Avos” won’t be announcing that game.

  23. Horrible mistakes by Walker, Lloris, Defoe and Benny…

    LFC took the mistakes and prospered but in no way were they in control…
    A sloppy display by some and an amazing display by others…

    Démbèle, Vertonghen, siggy to a point although his missed chances hurt.

    The true test is how we respond…. Still third…for now

    1. For once we capitalized on bad mistakes, but you should credit LFC a little more for putting on the pressure to create them in the first place. I certainly credited Bale with some brilliant set pieces (the second totally undeserved, by the way) and Spurs bossed most of the match, but my lads showed some stout resilience.

      For us, subbing Coutinho for Allen made all the difference. He brought an energy and composure which were crumbling in our midfield. Your side, overall, is clearly better, but it was a thrilling match nonetheless. I can honestly say that Spurs deserve a CL berth and I’m rooting for you guys, though not against us….

  24. I will say this 100 times, I will say it again – You will never will the league with Benitez but when it comes to cup ties and one offs – Rafa is as good as anyone out there.

    For Chelsea fans to boo their manager in the middle of a cup tie @ old Trafford, is a complete disgrace.

  25. Great commentary by Wright. No nonsense! I have to say though that Gus is a joke. I’ve held off so far but his useless bellowing needs to go.

  26. Inside the mind of Gus Johnson….

    “Um, let’s see, the score is now 2 – 2. That means the game is close. And, um, let’s see, there’s not much time left. Um, what would I do if this was basketball? Oh, I know, I would explode and just shriek intermittment words and phrases like, ‘Torres!’ or ‘In the area!’. That will make “soccer” fans realy love me”.

    We now leave the inside of Disgusting Johnson’s mind….

    He has absolutely wrecked this broadcast production.

    1. cmasia – I find your your comments childish. We get it. Gus Johnson (who did a half-way decent job today, BTW,) is out of his league.

      Criticize Gus if you must but the personal attacks are not called for.

      If you want to blame someone, go after the pencil pusher @ Fox who hired him.

      1. To brn442:

        So which is it?

        A “half – way decent job”?

        Or “out of his league”?

        This has been the worst television experiment I’ve ever witnessed. And it is ruining the sharp end of the European football season.

        1. @cmasia “We now leave the inside of Disgusting Johnson’s mind”

          Really? cm? Go after Fox, personally attacking Gus is out of order.

  27. “He’s at the touch…”

    – Gus Johnson, as Eden Hazard takes a shot on goal from just outside the penalty box in stoppage time.

  28. Man of the match was Ian Wright. Terrific stuff. Sign him up Fox. He’s your man! The antidote to the shouting idiot in the stupid hat.

  29. Oh for christ sakes. So just for fun I stop my Spanish lessons at about 90′ and go back over to Gus. Who was shrieking at scuffed dribblers, unable to figure out whether Chavski was taking a throw or a corner (I mean seriously, the 80,000 Londoners at the OT all knew it was a throw before Gus), and generally pissing me right off and taking me out of the realm of following the match. All within the space of 4 minutes.

    Much sympathy to those of you who put up with him the whole way.

    And okay, for the sixteenth time – this is my last explicitly Gus-bashing post. I keep telling myself to lay off of him and, like La Cosa Nostra during the Godfather trilogy…… his utter wankness just keeps PULLING ME BACK IN.

      1. Gus had all the subtlety and charm of a prison rapist. He screams at the most mundane of things, even a routine pass. It makes me think I’m missing something when I leave the room for a few seconds. It’s a failed experiment Fox, admit it. They pay this dude to ‘commentate’ in the most famous stadiums in the world? I’d rather see JP Dellacamera out there.

  30. Well that was a great half by Chelsea. Could have grabbed the winner by Mata. Eden Hazard MOTM Great pride in the 2nd half to send to replay.

  31. Can’t believe that this is IAN WRIGHT’s first time commentating on a live football match. he is good at it. His call on that Rooney goal was spot on.

    1. Why do you want us bogged down? We already played you lot twice in the PL and we are not in any competition together. Don’t tell me you want the PL title.
      Now if you want to keep the Chavs down… by all means.

  32. I’m lost on the comments here. I thought Wright was awful, it was like he was trying to teach Gus in game. He needs to shut up, with him and Gus talking all the time there is no space for the game at all.

    “Is Carrick the new Roy Keane” has to have been Gus’s best comment so far.

  33. I saw a number of UK based tweeters commenting on Fox Soccer. Do they actually get the channel there or are they streaming it ?

    1. Many of them are watching FOX Soccer via illegal streaming. The number of pirated streams are increasing.

      The Gaffer

    1. Will definitely be before the weekend of the 13th-14th which is when the semi-finals will be played at Wembley.

      Both teams have to make up their postponed EPL fixtures, probably a midweek date, and Chelsea are still in the Europa League and if they advance on Thursday it will make it more difficult to schedule them. I think they will wait until Thursday’s result to schedule the Chelsea-Man U replay.

  34. FWIW I thought Ian Wright was great. While I didn’t agree with everything he said (in particular his high regard for both John Terry and Rio) he wears it on his sleeve and pulls no punches. Sort of like a guy on the barstool next to you at the local pub.

    As pointed out above, somehow balances out Gus a little although I’m not really sure how…

    1. I thought it worked much better than the other guys Gus was partnered with. I think we all know that knowledge of this game is not going to be his strength. But he gets the excitement for the right moments. Gus is there to attract to non die hards in the US. Wright being “new” at commentating but with his vast knowledge of the game balanced it. They are both black as well, but with different accents. This invites more viewers in as well. Fox’s concern is to bring in more viewers. Trying to satisfy the existing die hards will gain them very little.

  35. With walking the dogs today I didn’t get back in until the Utd v Chelsea match was almost over, so I didn’t bother to go to talkSPORT. Wish I had.

    This will be my last comment on Gus Johnson, if I can help it.

    I do not want my commentator screaming at me every time someone sets foot “in the area” or “in the six”. That is not what football is all about. There is much more of an ebb and flow chess match nature to the game. Every move forward is not cataclysmic. Every scuffed shot (read Fires!) is not worthy of a call to 911 (or 999 for our British friends).

    To me, Johnson is abysmal and no matter how much he learns about the game, if he is going to continue to call matches like that then there is no hope for the future.

    Fortunately, he will not be calling any Premier League matches next year on NBC. FA Cup matches will continue to be legally available on talkSPORT and Fox won’t let him descend to Europa League. So, muting CL matches will not be that big a deal for me.

    For those of you who love Gus or think he has promise, more power to you. To me he is not half the announcer John Strong is right now and never will be. Fox can serve him up, but they can’t make me listen.

    End of. Rant over. Finis…..unless Marc L cracks first. 😉

  36. Gaffer, will you please put up a poll as to who will make the next negative comment about Gus Johnson…Marc L or Guy? Maybe even include an over/under on the number of hours until they make their comment.

    My money is on Marc L. in less than 24 hours. :)

    1. I WIN!!! Marc L went off at 10:47 PM in the Ian Wright thread!! Wow…3 hours and 22 minutes from my post and 8 hours and 15 minutes from his last post.

      Too predictable.

      1. haha. I, on the other hand, will remain strong. I have entered a 12 step withdrawal program at:


        I feel better already. :-)

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