Sir Alex Ferguson Insists Wayne Rooney Will Stay at Manchester United Next Season: The Daily EPL

Shock! Horror! After two days of BS stories by most of the British press as well as ESPN FC, their reports about Wayne Rooney and Manchester United splitting ways were nonsense, conjured up by the media to sell newspapers and get hits, or based purely on misinformation.

Wayne Rooney is staying at Manchester United. Ferguson insisted that the footballer will be playing for United next season, and that the two get along perfectly well. The club is not prepared to sell the player at any price. And “He will be here next year, you have my word on that,” added Ferguson.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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10 thoughts on “Sir Alex Ferguson Insists Wayne Rooney Will Stay at Manchester United Next Season: The Daily EPL”

  1. I guess that puts a end to the Rooney nonsense in the papers. The striker that could end up leaving in the summer is Hernandez. Seems no matter how many he scores he’s always going to be on the bench for the next game.

  2. This story got legs because if Rooney is left on the bench there is always speculation that there is a problem. It is just silly but people always want to have something to say about the Greatest club on Earth!!!

    1. “Greatest club on Earth” is that their new slogan? like the vomit inducing “Theatre of Dreams.”

      I’m sure the MInistry of Sound might have something to say about that.

  3. If Ferguson confirms the papers United will get nothing for him. By saying he’s staying doesn’t guarantee anything except keeping Rooney’s transfer fee healthy.

    United no longer need Rooney and Ferguson gets his revenge on a player who twice threatened to quit the club.

    1. SAF can’t do anything without Rooney agreeing to it. They can agree a fee of 100,000,000 pound with another club all they want the player has all the power.

      If Fergie wants to hold a grudge all Rooney has to do is see out the last two years of his deal and leave for free.

      1. You think Rooney would stay if Fergie didn’t play him?

        I find that impossible to believe.

        We don’t know if that’s the case or not, could’ve had a slight knock and could only go 20mins against Madrid.

        Ferguson has a pattern for player exits and this matches it well but again we wont know until after May.

        1. If Rooney feels Fergie is doing this for non footballing reasons then yes I can see him staying put.

          Even SAF wouldn’t be immune from criticism from fans if he just let Rooney rot for two seasons in the reserves especially if the team isn’t performing.

  4. This Is the sort of tired reporting that I get so sick of reading. He gets left on the bench and suddenly he is getting shipped out of Manchester. Add to it the previous rumored speculation of him going to PSG and suddenly they can link it all together with an unnamed “source” and get an article. It gets old and boring. I want to hear real facts in the news not more rumors being generated by so called sources. For all we know the source is a janitor.

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