Anzhi vs Newcastle, Bucharest vs Chelsea and Spurs vs Inter Milan, Europa League: Open Thread

Unless Arsenal can pull off a miracle in Germany next week, England’s best hopes of a European trophy this season comes down to either Chelsea, Tottenham or Newcastle United.

All three sides are in action today in the Round of 16, first leg, of the Europa League.

You know the drill. Follow along with the conversations in the comments section below.

23 thoughts on “Anzhi vs Newcastle, Bucharest vs Chelsea and Spurs vs Inter Milan, Europa League: Open Thread”

  1. I hope that Chelsea can get a result but won’t be heartbroken if the Blues go out in this tie. Chelsea have bigger fish to fry.

  2. Good draw for Newcastle but Chelsea are down a goal at the half and are looking slow whcih is what the owner of Steaua said. Let’s see what Chelsea do in the second half.

    The Inter-Spurs game later might be the best of the bunch today.

  3. A revolting development in Roumania losing 1-0 well it will come down to next Thursday. Well Inter can save my day. Forza Internationale

  4. Come on you Spurs! Spurs are my favorite club in this competition from here on out after the horrible stuff done to Spurs’ supporters in France and (before that) by Nazio thugs in Rome.

  5. Bale deserved that booking.

    The more refs punish players for trying to “create” their own fouls – the better the game would be.

    1. Absolutely. The leg drag thing, in particular, is being rewarded too much. A tough call for the refs, but one they need to have zero doubt on before awarding a penalty.

  6. Dust, are you not enjoying this or do you have some funky superstition thing going on?………..or could you actually be working? 😉

    1. superstition! I couldn’t post before kick off so I just left it…

      3-0 and very convincing, could have been 5 or 6… a great result

  7. Good win for spurs. Keeping a clean sheet was just as important as getting the third goal, they should see Inter off without too much trouble in the return leg.

  8. If only IF only we had a striker.

    we were going to spend 24 million on Moutinho, I see no reason IF the Rooney out stuff were true that we use that on him and put him back in the striker role in-front of bale.

    I cant believe Man Utd would sell him but if so and the money is around 20 – 25 m i see no reason why Rooney wouldn’t be up for it.

    I would take him in a heartbeat and put him in his best role striker, not midfield….

    If wishing made it so..

    1. Come on man you’ve been around long enough to know not to believe the $hit that’s printed by these idiots. He was left out for tactical reason that i personally didn’t agree with and now everyone wants to blow it all out proportion.

      Rooney isn’t going anywhere any time soon and definitely not for 25m. The only way I could see him being sacrificed would be in some kind of swap deal for Ronaldo and even then I could see him digging his heels in and seeing out his last two years of his deal.

      1. I don’t think so either. I’m sure SAF will put a end to all the rumors at tomorrow’s press conference. It’s up to Rooney to now get his head down and produce the form everyone knows he can.

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