The Day When Chelsea Demolished Rafa Benitez 4-1 [VIDEO]

Five months after winning the 2005 UEFA Champions League, then manager Rafa Benitez took his Liverpool team to Anfield to play against Chelsea on October 2, 2005.

Chelsea were in breathtaking form thrashing Liverpool 4-1. Frank Lampard opened the scoring for Chelsea from the spot after Didier Drogba was fouled by Traore.

Liverpool equalized nine minutes later. Steven Gerrard scored the goal from a tight angle to score past Petr Cech from the right corner, after an initial flick from Jamie Carragher. But just before halftime, Chelsea were in the lead again after a nice trick from Drogba to outsmart Sami Hyypia, who fed the ball to Damien Duff. The Irishman scored to make the scoreline 2-1 at the break.

Drogba was a constant threat throughout the match. He was once again involved after he beat his marker when his shot on goal was saved but Joe Cole was in the right place to tap the rebound into the empty net to make it 3-1 for Chelsea.

That was Joe Cole’s last contribution and he was soon substituted for Arjen Robben. Chelsea added a fourth goal and once again Drogba was involved after he was left free on the left side. His low cross was missed by Robben but Geremi was there to pounce on the ball and knock it into the net from the far post to make it 4-1 for Chelsea.

Here is the match highlight:

Irony is that in spite of a great start from Jose Mourinho, he left Chelsea at the beginning of the following season for his failure to win the UEFA Champions League.

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8 thoughts on “The Day When Chelsea Demolished Rafa Benitez 4-1 [VIDEO]”

  1. Fantastic match that was. The build up to that game was of Liverpool claiming they were Chelsea’s equals. Chelsea outclassed Liverpool in the 2nd half. I believe Chelsea won the return fixture 2-0.

    Just to be clear he left at the start of his forth season in charge during 07-08 season. Mourinho left b/c his relationship with Abramovich had reached its breaking point (sound familiar?).

  2. I am confused, what is the point the article trying to prove?
    should i read this in context to the turmoil that is going on at Chelsea currently or is it just pointing out the bygone good times at the chelsea under Jose.

  3. Point is this article brings back some of the great games from the past and how those classical matches played are solely missed today by both teams.

    Liverpool were European Champions
    Chelsea were Premier League Champions.

    Yet both teams struggle this season.

    1. liverpool’s struggles spawned from H&G ownership disaster which is continuing to this very day.

      but Chelsea’s struggles are sorely due to the fans turning on their manager and making their Homeground impossible for the players to play in…Rafa is one of the best managers out there…give him a Warchest which he was never afforded at Liverpool and he will establish a Dynasty for years to come.

  4. Not only does the article have an ambiguous point, the grammar is poor, and oh, that match was at Anfield, not Stamford Bridge. Idiot.

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