Lyon Thugs ‘Attack Spurs Fans in Pub’; 3 Injured: The Daily EPL

Tottenham Hotspur supporters were attacked in Lyon overnight by 50 masked men, several of whom made Nazi salutes. The latest reports are that three Tottenham supporters were badly injured.

Tottenham plays Lyon today in the second-leg of their Europa League tie.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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9 thoughts on “Lyon Thugs ‘Attack Spurs Fans in Pub’; 3 Injured: The Daily EPL”

  1. Seriously UEFA its quite clear that the allegedly superior and sophisticated “Continental Europe” isn’t that at all, Serbia, Italy, France added to Spain now how many more attacks against English fans because of neo nazi does it take before you do something?

    If European clubs fans went to Britain and were attacked each time they were in the uk you would I’m sure ban the clubs from European competition.

    It should be simple if citizens of a country attack traveling football fans of another hold that country to account…especially if that countries police ignore requests to monitor the visitors as there are known right wing elements in that area…

    UEFA are such spineless feckless hypocritical organization.

    1. UEFA has no jurisdiction of what happens outside of the stadium. A French fan was killed in Serbia I believe (or vice-versa) but they couldn’t do anything about it. Its up to the local police

  2. So umm… Lyon… which is in France… was under Nazi occupation during WWII. At the time, this was not considered a good thing.

    I’m starting to think people like this aren’t very bright.

  3. Just unacceptable. And I’d have to be the biggest Gooner on earth right now to do anything other than root for Spurs to win the Europa League.

    By the way you progressive continental types: next time you want to run smack about how the US is so jacked-up and “violent,” you kind of need to explain to me where in the US the masked, neo-Nazi Hitler-saluting thugs are that attack people in bars for wearing the wrong shirt.

    And a couple of hyphy meth heads stomping the poor Dodger fan in SF a few years ago is NOT equivalent to this, I might add.

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