The Problem with Manchester United Wingers Nani, Young and Valencia

After watching Monday night’s somewhat fortunate victory over Reading, I was left with a keen sense of frustration at the inconsistent nature of the Manchester United wide men currently at the club. Obviously the performance of Nani exuded attacking flair and skill that was a delight to witness, but unfortunately as is the case with Nani this does not happen regularly enough. However, it is my belief that Nani at even 70% of his maximum performance is a far better alternative than Messer’s Young and Valencia at this present juncture.

In the case of Valencia, his performances this season have simply been disgraceful. How can a player training every day and paid a significant sum be only able to use his right foot? The total inept nature of his performances has seen him resemble a Sunday league player, although this would be probably harsh to a large majority of Sunday league players out there. His performances for United have regressed at an alarming rate and unfortunately I just cannot see any light at the end of the road for Valencia. The end is nigh for Antonio and how he is still getting game time is beyond me.

Moving on from the disappointment that is Valencia, leaves me with the serial underachiever that is Ashley Young, his arrival was greeted by many pundits as a masterstroke, but nearly eighteen months on from his move, what has he actually done? His much lauded final ball and ability to score goals, that marked him out as a star in the Villa team has seemingly disserted him and now we are witnessing a player that looks totally clueless when he appears on the pitch. His miss last night from two yards out epitomises the lack of quality in his game and I am at a loss in understanding how a player so revered two years ago, now resembles a shadow of his former self.

For years United has been home to some of the games finest wingers. Old Trafford has marvelled at the skills of players like Best, Coppell, Beckham, Giggs and Kanchelskis, yet now the patrons are treated to the most inconsistent trio of wide men to ever grace this wonderful arena. Obviously the impending signing of Zaha should evoke a more sustained response from United’s trio, but Nani aside the other two have thus far failed to highlight their value to a side needing all players on the top of their games if they are going to be a factor in the later stages of the Champions League.

Inconsistency is a word that is often bandied about in relation to football, but on this occasion it perfectly describes the performances of United’s three wide men this season. The unpredictability of football is such that one or perhaps even two of these players may have terrific end of season runs, but sadly their form does not suggest this will come to pass. This season has witnessed United play the diamond formation on occasion and this is simply a response to the form of the above mentioned trio. If United are to reach the later stages of the Champions League, then these players will finally have to remind people why they arrived at Old Trafford in the first place and join the pantheon of greats that have gone before.

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  1. I agree with you about Valencia. I think he has his one trick and it was effective until everyone figured out what his one trick is. There are things I like about him. He’s honest, he works hard, you never hear him bitching about playing time, he holds the ball well and doesn’t waste possession very often….but, he also isn’t offering a whole lot going forward right now. And he slows the whole attack down. Every time he gets the ball out wide, he just stands there, sizing up his marker while the play stagnates around him. I’m not sure why he lost the ability to play faster.

    I think Ashley Young is just hurt all the time. He does send in a nice cross when he’s played on the left ( I think he’s useless on the right).

  2. This article is a very harsh one when considering that Young has been out injured most of this season. The Terminator has for sure had an indifferent season but what he offers is his ability to track back and screen the winger and the CB. If you look at any great team you will find that this type of help is highly valued, Barca has it, Bayern has it and United has it.

    Like most United fans I wish the offensive side of his game would simply return but in truth he has not been the same offensive force since the ankle injury against Celtic.

    I would take Valencia over most players from other teams because he loves to play for United, does not complain, works like a dog and the overlap between him and Rafael is simply deadly.

  3. I generally agree with this article. None of the MUFC wingers are capable of the simplest action – crossing the ball. It amazes me that a high level professional player (all 3) can consistently fail to cross the ball into a useful position. Valencia has been especially poor in this area. It’s no coincidence that Rooney and Van Persie take the corners.

    Young is too lightweight.

    Nani is too selfish.

    Valencia, who I loved last year, has been VERY poor with his final ball.

    Roll on the Zaha era.

  4. I agree. Nani is way over rated. He only looks to score and forgets his team mates. Valencia is a good sub but not starter and Young is injury prone…as is our beloved over rated Phil Jones. Put Rooney in place of Scholes and have RVP and Hernandez at strikers.

  5. “How can a player training every day and paid a significant sum be only able to use his right foot?”

    What a load of rubbish. Messi and Robben are very dependent on their left foot and are paid significant sums as well, I don’t hear you crying about them.

  6. I agree that Valencia has been poor but he is still more reliable in attacking as well as defending which you don’t even mention …. If you want to criticize first get your facts straight.
    Young is good with both legs but no spark… Needs more strength on his legs
    Nani is good but selfish and always going for glory he is just lucky to be in the right place and have other players around him that care about the team and not themselves such as the 3 stickers Chicharito RVP Rooney

  7. Wow we’re 12pts clear in the league, have a good chance of getting into Quarter-Final of the CL. In the Quarter-Finals of the FA Cup.

    God help those when our wide players Nani, Young stay fit have a run of games and Valencia finds some form.

    unfortunately knowing how football is when they’re up and running someone else(s?) will be struck by injury.

    Anyway thank fcuk Fergie is in charge because the article above is clearly written by a muppet.

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