Who’s Better, Andres Iniesta or Zinedine Zidane?

Who’s better, Andres Iniesta or Zinedine Zidane? Both players have graced La Liga but which one is better, I’m talking overall here not just in la Liga, here’s my view on Iniesta and Zidane.

After growing up watching Zidane I never thought that in my life time there would be a player that comes close to Zidane let alone be possibly better than him. This question has been circling for a few weeks now on social media sites and on TV shows dedicated to La Liga. I don’t really know how people come to one conclusion about how one player is better than another, trophies maybe? Who’s got the most Goals? Writing this might prove hard because in years to come Iniesta will win more trophies and score more goals and will go on to surpass Zidane.

For this head to head I’m going to start with Iniesta. Iniesta is for me the best in the world, goal scorers like Messi will come and go but playmakers like Iniesta come once a decade maybe if we’re lucky. The way Iniesta moves around the pitch is a joy to watch, the passes he attempts are extraordinary, just last week the pass he made for Sanchez goal was sublime, a real treat for those watching. Iniesta is 28 so I think if he stays lucky he will have another 6-8 years left in his career.  Iniesta has come in a wrong era in my opinion, with Messi and Ronaldo stealing all the plaudits Iniesta is left without much recognition here in the UK. I’m not too sure how much media attention he gets in other countries but certainly in Spain he is loved, I’ve seen whole spreads in newspapers dedicated to him in Spain. For me he is the most influential player in the game right now. He could make a goal scoring opportunity from absolutely nothing.

I’m now going to focus on Zidane. I’m a massive fan of Zizou and he’s one of my most favourite footballers ever. I’ve grown up watching him and at times have been mesmerized by the things he’s done, the way he moved about the pitch was inspiring. The man was a magician with the ball, just like Iniesta he also did astonishing things that had fans in awe. Zidane was part of the Galaticos that played for Real Madrid in the early 2000’s and that team was at the time the best I’d ever seen, I adored that team. Although he left the game on a sour note Zidane is still one of the best I’ve seen.  Zidane and Iniesta have been part of fantastic teams that have dominated the world but who was more influential in their respective times, Zidane with the Galaticos or Iniesta with this new Dream Team? Both have scored winning goals in world cup finals, Zidane with two in 1998 and Iniesta with his one in 2010, both the players are very similar and both play with the same style.

I’ve given my opinion on these two fantastic players but now is the time where we get down to the official stuff.  Here’s the trophy count for the two players.


  • 5 La Liga titles
  • 3 Champions leagues
  • 2 Club World Cups
  • 2 UEFA Super Cups
  • 5 Spanish Super cups
  • 2 Copa Del Reys
  • 1 World Cup
  • 2 European Championships


  • 3 League titles
  • 2 UEFA Super Cups
  • 2 Club World Cups
  • 2 Spanish Super cups
  • 1 Champions league
  • 1 World Cup
  • 1 European Championship

I am aware of the fact that Zidane has won a Ballon D’or and 3 World player of the year awards, of course that gives him some sort of advantage but take a look at the player around Zidane at that time when he won, was Davor Suker (Ballon D’or runner up 1998) better than Messi, No. Iniesta has a higher quality of players to compete with. Alright I know Ronaldo** was playing fantastically at the time but was he playing better than what Messi is today, I don’t think so.

So there we have it, my views on these outstanding players and their official trophy counts. I loved writing this piece as its brought back some good memories of these players but I’m interested to hear what you all think, who’s better in your eyes? Please your feedback in the comments below and let me know what you think.

NOTE – ** Refers to the original Ronaldo not Cristiano

12 thoughts on “Who’s Better, Andres Iniesta or Zinedine Zidane?”

  1. Great Article by the way, but come on! How can you do this?! Compare Zidane to Iniesta?? Im not a Madrid fan but Im a huge Barcelona Hater, but I wont let my hate for a team overlook the great players on that team. Iniesta is a very very good player, but when you say Zidane you think of 1 of the best soccer players ever to play the game. People compare him to Maradona, Pele and Cruyff. Remember the last time Spain got eliminated in a Fifa tournament? Yep it was old Zidane putting a clinic in Germany, lets not remember him by his temperament but by the way he played!

  2. lol very funny article …u said is there someone in those days that can compete with Messi..lol is there any defender nowadays football like Maldini,Jaap Stam,Nesta,Desailly…Honestly if Messi played in Zidane’s era he wont be among 10 best players…why compare Iniesta to Zidane thats cruel and meaningless

  3. cheers for the responses, its interesting to see what you all think. They were both fantastic players lets not forget that and we’ve been very lucky to witness both of them.

  4. U guys ar talking nonsense,d trophies dey hv both won speaks 4 itself.D one wit more trophies is d beta player wch is iniesta.No doubt zidane ws a great player bt if he had players capable of scoring 50goals per season he would hv neva won dos individual honours

  5. Can’t question Iniesta’s immense quality but I would question the comparison to Zidane as he’s amongst the top 3 of all time

    1. he was quality but top 3 of all time? Don’t think he is better than Pele, Maradona or Messi. I’d place him in my top 10 ever but not the top 3

      1. Maradona I’ll give you – the best of all time! Too young to see Pele but when you watch old videos, the pace of the game was so slow and the quality wasn’t as good. Would still have Zidane above Messi any day too

  6. dude u say there was no good players in zidane era

    did u forget figo,beckhem,henry,ronaldo ,rivaldo,cerspo,pirlo,del piaro, etc …. do u want more names?

  7. I’m not to sure where you are all from but here in England there’s been a lot of coverage around this particular topic so that’s why I decided to write about it. I’m sure you’d all admit that we are very grateful to have watched these two play.

  8. The easiest way to compare is by swapping them.

    -Replace Zidane with Iniesta in France of 2006. They would go nowhere, let alone win against a Brazil with Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, cafu, Roberto Carlos, Robinho, Kaka, Lucio.

    -Replace Iniesta with Zidane in Spain of 2012. they would still be Euro champions.

    Just because they have similar traits, you cannot compare Iniesta with Zidane. Zidane was a complete player: two-footed shooting, dribbling, dead-ball mastery, heading, leadership, vision. Iniesta has a fraction of that.

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