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Feuerstein’s Fire #135 Tuesday, February 5th 8PM EST – 5PM PST


Michael Lewis (Big Apple Soccer) & John Jagou (Big Soccer) – 2014 CONCACAF WCQ Final Round Preview

James Hope (The Crocketteers) – San Antonio Scorpions First Season in the NASL

Alfredo Centola (NYC Park Advocates) – Against the MLS Flushing Meadows Stadium Project

2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Pre & Post Game Shows Wednesday, February 6th

30 Min Pregame Show: 3:30PM EST – 12:30PM PST

60 Min Postgame Show: 6PM EST – 3PM PST


Earl Reed (MLS Talk) & Franco Panizo (MLSSoccer.com/Soccer By Ives)

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3 Responses to Feuerstein’s Fire

  1. Here’s a picture of Al Centipede eating Shiela Roache.

  2. The original Tom says:

    Enjoyed the podcast, Daniel. Interesting about the stadium in NYC. You recognized this point too, but I don’t think the racism thing is in FIFA jurisdiction, it has to be done on the continental or country level. It is too hard to figure out these things culturaly in every single country (example- is calling someone Irish in England racism? I don’t know.).

  3. Check out Al Centipede eating Shiela Roache

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