Premier League Faces Government Crackdown in 12 Months Over Reforms: The Nightly EPL

In the next 12 months, the Premier League needs to bring greater fan influence and sanity to the game’s finances according to a scathing report from a British select committee.

According to The Guardian, “Unless there was ‘clear progress’ in 12 months on those measures, the government should legislate ‘as soon as practicable’, the committee says.”

Whether we’ll see any changes in the game in the next 12 months, we’ll have to wait and see. But I have a feeling that nothing really will change. The Premier League and FA will pretend to do a lot, but I’m not confident that many real changes will happen.

Here are the Premier League news headlines tonight:

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6 thoughts on “Premier League Faces Government Crackdown in 12 Months Over Reforms: The Nightly EPL”

    1. LoL… Tell that to the congress….(republican or democrat it doesn’t matter)

      Yeah because stripped back regulation of financial instructions has really worked out…. Wait…what?… There was a global financial collapse recently?…

  1. Also from the article.

    “It also called for fundamental overhaul of the FA Council, which is supposed to be the game’s parliament but is frequently criticised for a lack of diversity, and concrete proposals for greater fan influence at every club. The FA Council has 118 members, many of whom have served for more than 20 years while two-thirds are aged 64 or over.”

    How is addressing the above paragraph not a good thing?People b***h and moan about the FA and how inept they are, and how much of a liberty it is that people have to pay ridiculously high prices (when it’s the tv money and global brand / merchandising that matters more than gate receipts) to go ad see their team, and then also b***h and whine about how England have no chance at winning a World Cup because the grass roots game is ignored etc..

    So, because of the overwhealming public opinion that something needs to be done (this was assembled before the recent tv mega mega money) a select committee appraised the state of the national game and determine x changes would make a positive difference…and what do people do in the first few posts? they shoot it down…

    I’m guessing the nay sayers are one or all of the following; they either didn’t read the report, or, don’t know what the public opinion of the uk is as it realities to the national game… Or they are not from England and have a blinkered view of what government is supposed to do and believe this modern day interpretation of capitalism is the only way forward, even tho all evidence is pointing to the contrary.

    I’m not saying that every suggestion is should be implemented,, but to glibly dismiss the findings as the gov wanting its piece of the pie and is just trying to grab money is just wrong and not what is needed to address the issues in the national game.

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