Newcastle’s Nile Ranger Spelled His Name in Money Before Getting Arrested: The Nightly EPL

Just hours before Nile Ranger was arrested on suspicion of rape, the Newcastle United striker posted a photo on his Instagram account writing his surname across his floor with a stack of £20 notes.

It makes you wonder why someone would have approximately £1,500 (approximately $2,300) just laying around. And this from a relatively poor reserve striker on the books at Newcastle United. What a waste of money in many ways.

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6 thoughts on “Newcastle’s Nile Ranger Spelled His Name in Money Before Getting Arrested: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Poor kid, he’s not all there, had bag of talent, saying that poor girl that he inflicted himself on her really messed up, dose he know he’s know written himself off, not my place to judge he’ll have it Ruth from know on that for sure what I really don’t get is this kids his own worse emery, I don’t wish to kick him when he’s down, but I wish the woman all the beat hope she ok.

  2. I’m not sure what the first comment made here was actually saying because of all of the poor grammar and made up words, however I will say that I hope Nile Ranger is killed by a pipe wielding inmate at his new home. Jail

    1. I guess you got the jist, I don’t hope he’s killed, I hope the poor girl is alreet. I also hav bad grammar but I don’t feel so just in my self to concent to another man death, exspesaily when I don’t really know what the truth is. Do you know the truth do it yourself would you want blood on your hands. No you want someone to do it for you. I hope if it is true he never hurt anyone again. I hope the justice system take care of that. Tomora the world as he nows it is ver, I think that is just but I also think that is sad. Sorry for not wanting to jump on a band wagon of hate. But I do wish bad grammar upon you and your house

  3. Even though he’s a reserve striker, he is employed by a premier league club – you don’t think he’s making chip fryer money, do you?

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