England New Home Shirt: Fake Design [PHOTO]



Images of England’s new home shirt from Nike have been leaked on the Internet.


UPDATE: What we thought was England’s new shirt is not. It’s a fake. Let’s hope the real one is certainly better than this one.

You have to wonder what the Nike executives were thinking when they gave the orders for this shirt. “Quick! Let’s get the shirt made. Let’s copy what we did for the Manchester United away shirt, and just a change a couple of things. Those limeys won’t spot the difference.”

How unimaginative and uncreative can this shirt design be? The plain white shirt with a collar that’s similar to the design of the Manchester United away jersey is ordinary. It’s a crying shame that all of the hard work, progress and wonderful designs that Umbro made (who were owned by Nike) have been ruined by Nike following through with this awful design.

What are your thoughts about the new shirt? Let us know in the comments section below.

H/T Football Shirts.


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