Luka Modric As Lady Edith From Downton Abbey [PHOTO]

Former Tottenham Hotspur midfield maestro (and current Real Madrid disappointment) Luka Modric bears a striking resemblance to the one-and-only Lady Edith of the PBS and ITV hit Downton Abbey.

On a separate note, I had a very interesting conversation earlier this week with a friend about the comparisons between Downton Abbey and English football. We discussed a few of the similarities — two entities steeped in tradition that, in some ways, still speak an older language (“grandstand,” “ground,” “Kop,” etc), feature uniquely British characters and play out a weekly soap opera that is absorbing.

It’s no wonder that Downton Abbey and Premier League fever is spreading across the USA.

H/T to the exceedingly erudite Men In Blazers.


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