Loic Remy Says Playing FIFA 12 With Tony Fernandes Convinced Him to Join QPR, Not Newcastle: The Nightly EPL


French striker Loic Remy was convinced he should join Queens Park Rangers instead of Newcastle United because QPR owner Tony Fernandes took time to play a FIFA 12 game against him at the end of four hours of negotiations.

“It showed to me what a good person Tony is. He showed his human side to me as an owner of the club,” said Remy, quoted in The Telegraph.

So it wasn’t the opportunity to double his wages at QPR that did the trick, eh Loic?

Meanwhile, at St. James’s Park, Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew was last seen honing his FIFA 12 skills.

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7 thoughts on “Loic Remy Says Playing FIFA 12 With Tony Fernandes Convinced Him to Join QPR, Not Newcastle: The Nightly EPL”

  1. hope this surgery for D Fletcher corrects his health issues and he is able to resume his career next season.

    1. He's done. Such a shame because he's a model pro who was a total team player. At this point in time his long term health is more important than playing football.

      1. could not agree more his health is the main concern.returning to play is secondary.wish him all the best.

  2. So Adkins is gone, great manager hope to see him in the prem soon. As for fletcher, i'll wish him well even though he wasn't 1 of fav players

  3. Once again Luis the racist Suarez shows his true colours and embarrasses LFC. Bill shankly will be turning in his grave at the way the clubs image has been dragged through the mud over the last 24 months.


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