Portland Timbers Home and Away Shirts for 2013 Season Leaked [PHOTOS]

Portland’s home and away shirts for the 2013 season of Major League Soccer have been leaked on the Internet.

Portland Timbers’ home shirt for 2013 looks very similar to the one for 2012. The major difference is a different collar. Disappointingly, Adidas couldn’t come up with something more original or distinctive to set next year’s jersey apart from the 2011 edition.

The Portland Timbers away jersey, meanwhile, is red and white with what looks like the words “Cannot stop us” printed on the inside back of the collar.

What do you think of the new home and away jerseys from Portland Timbers for the 2012 season? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

H/T Todo Sobre Camisetas.

10 thoughts on “Portland Timbers Home and Away Shirts for 2013 Season Leaked [PHOTOS]”

  1. Looks ok. Not bad but I only wish Adidas wasn’t sole sponsor of mls I would love to see what Nike would have done for timbers seeing that’s their home turf and if puma stuck with Montreal or umbro with Vancouver

  2. Are these for the upcoming 2013 season and not 2012? Looks like that prominent white panel down the front of each shirt is a new feature. The filled in V in the front looks new and the 2 tone color scheme and old sponsor font is gone.

  3. I like the 2nd jersey (I refuse to call soccer shirts “home” & “away”), but dislike the kinda/sorta white panels on the 1st choice.

    Either go all the way like the 2nd top, or preferably don’t do the panels at all, and make the entire shirt green.

    I also dislike the superfluous piping around the arms on the green version.


  4. “Portland Timbers’ home shirt for 2013 looks very similar to the one for 2012”

    No, no it actually doesn’t. At all. Taking advantage of Washington State’s new laws this holiday?

  5. Interesting… I saw the 2013 jerseys at the adidas HQ and the away shirts didn’t look like that. It had a very distinguished rose on where the timbers logo is now.. and I don’t see it here..

  6. The Owner said that these are not the jerseys. He said their are some minor similarities but that these were a very early model from a set of 15 choices. These were not chosen. However, after seeing NY and Houston’s new jerseys they will likely not be too different.

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