Roberto Mancini Sanctioned Charges Against Mario Balotelli: The Daily EPL

Mario Balotelli’s substitution against Manchester United and his resulting strop down the tunnel could be the final time we see “Why Always Me” in a Manchester City shirt. The player has a tribunal hearing this week to protest against the £350,000 fine he received from the club for his disciplinary record. And newspapers report today that manager Roberto Mancini was the one who sanctioned the charges against the Italian striker.

Any clubs looking for a talented striker who is impossible to manage could be in for a bargain in the January transfer window. While Balotelli has been brilliant at times, I — personally — won’t miss him if he leaves.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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9 thoughts on “Roberto Mancini Sanctioned Charges Against Mario Balotelli: The Daily EPL”

  1. WOW..Fellani being charged with Just one count of Violent conduct… for some crazy reason the ref said he saw the other two and didn’t deem them as violent…LMAO what on earth is going on…

    Fellani has accepted the charges and has been banned 3 games….LOL

    3 game ban for head butting another player…what a load of rubbish..unbelievable and nothing for the other incidents… The FA are really quite a joke..joey barton gets 12 games for 2 incidents and Fellaini gets three?…surely it should be 6?

    and whats up with that ref saying the elbow he threw at Shawcross wasn’t violent? what was it a gentle loving brush and acknowledgement of an unspoken love?

    this just beggars belief!

    1. We wouldn’t want the FA to start being consistent now, would we?

      Can you imagine the outrage (and the penalty) if Shawcross had been the perpetrator? It’s no wonder Pulis and some Stoke fans question the way Stoke matches are reffed.

      1. In general the media over here is blaming Shawcross and Stoke for it. Nothing new there. It doesn’t suit there agenda to say otherwise.

        Dust you’ve got a nailed on penalty on Saturday I’ll guarantee you.

        However if the other two incidences weren’t violent we should get away with slapping and elbowing your lot.

  2. These two need to end the whole “petulant teenagers in a relationship going bad” act. There have been times when Mancini has been the more petulant of the two in fact.

    Well I don’t care if Balotelli scores 35 a season for Inter for the next decade. The time, I think, has come for him to take a whirl at doing it.

    Right now, when he is on then one of three guys who you’d rather see on is not. And the constant distractions, disruptions, and generalized “acting like a baby” that you get from Balotelli is not compensated for by his occasional ability to snatch two goals out of the ether (i.e. 2nd Sunderland last season.)

    I wish the guy well though. Really like his skill set when he is not in fact “acting like a baby.” Maybe a change in scenery will help him put it all together and turn into the Godzilla that he has the talent to be out on the pitch.

  3. You won’t miss him when he leaves? No Balotelli, no title, no 1-6. . . he’s having a rough run. Be a better supporter.

    1. Stupid comment.

      did Balotelli leave for 6 mo and still get paid for it?? Did mancini tell Balotelli to go into the game and Balotelli refused?

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