West Ham Want to Introduce Safe Standing at Olympic Stadium: The Nightly EPL

West Ham United co-owner David Gold says he wants to introduce safe standing at the Olympic Stadium in East London if West Ham United becomes the new tenants of the ground.

While Gold’s desires are to be commended (to have safe standing terrace sections at the ground), his ideas will no doubt be rejected by the Premier League. Unfortunately I don’t see the Premier League ever allowing safe standing sections because one, they’re concerned about the need for added security and two, they’re concerned that ticket revenue may dip if punters expect to pay less for standing section tickets.

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3 thoughts on “West Ham Want to Introduce Safe Standing at Olympic Stadium: The Nightly EPL”

  1. If ticket revenue dips that doesn’t affect anyone but the club who sells the tickets.The league won’t care about that.It won’t happen but that is not going to be anything to do with the reason.

    1. no mate the real reason is money. The FA know they can get more money in all seater stadium, security has nothing to do with it as proved in germany.

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