What Changes Would You Make At Your Premier League Club In the January Transfer Window?

We’re getting closer and closer to the January transfer window, which is an opportune time for some Premier League clubs to make corrections to their side. Who do they need to offload, and which positions do they need to buy for?

Post your suggestions in the comments section below.

In the meantime, I’ve provided some suggestions of my own for a few of the Premier League clubs.

Arsenal: After the Gunners defeat against Swansea this past weekend, Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla says the team is too unpredictable. I think what he meant to say was that the club is too inconsistent. Unpredictable they are not. If anything, the issue with Arsenal is that their attacks are far too predictable. There’s not enough creative edge up front for Arsenal, and it’s easy for opponents to stifle Arsenal’s attacks.

How do you fix this? I think Arsenal has the players to turn things around, but it’s going to take manager Arsene Wenger to quit being so stubborn. The French gaffer needs to try some different attacking options — giving Walcott and Podolski more opportunities to start matches as a central striker. Have both players compete against each other to see who deserves the position. And then rotate in Giroud as needed.

Manchester United: United’s defense is a mess. Patrice Evra is nowhere near as good as he once was for United. Jonny Evans is an accident waiting to happen. It’s time for Rio Ferdinand to move on (Sunderland seems to be a club that many United players are put out to pasture). Da Silva is no Gary Neville. And Nemanja Vidic is a crock right now.

Manchester United desperately need to reinforce their defensive options if they have any hope of making it through to the latter stages of the Champions League. Buttner was a good addition, but Ferguson will need to bend the arms of the Glazers to convince them to pony up for an expensive, qualified defender who can stop United leaking goals.

Queens Park Rangers: Rip up the hymn sheet and start all over again. The biggest weakness continues to in defense. Rangers need a couple of stronger, taller defenders who know how to deal with balls flying into the box, which has been QPR’s achilles heel for the past two seasons. Get rid of Anton Ferdinand. Ship Fabio Da Silva back to United. And look for defenders who can compete for places in this team.

Swansea: None. Seriously. The quality and harmony among the squad right now is perfect. I wouldn’t touch a thing. If some major offers come in for a Swansea player or two, that may change things. But otherwise, I would leave things as they are and continue to rotate the squad and, if the Swans reach 40 points, start to play some of the youngsters to give them some real match experience.

Post your suggestions in the comments section below.

20 thoughts on “What Changes Would You Make At Your Premier League Club In the January Transfer Window?”

  1. Since Tony isn’t going to change his style of play I’d say Stoke don’t need anything, either. What would be the point?

    1. I’d liek to see at least one proper full back come in, Pennant out and replaced with another winger (Etherington can’t last more than 70 mins). I’d like another midfielder to complete Steven Nzonzi, Adam just looks out of shape.

  2. For Chelsea, they are goin to need fire power from a new striker becuz we all know torres isnt reliable so in the January transfer window they will need some like the big man from athletico madrid……..Falcao, even if he doesnt fit the formation or the playing style

  3. A lot of people are quick to point out that Patrice Evra isn’t 27 anymore. WHat they fail to recognize is that most of the problems in defense tend to come via crosses from the right, not Evra’s left. He might be a kid, and some might see that as an excuse, but Rafael needs to lear how to defend – and quick – so he doesn’t become another Glen Johnson.

    Besides, we need a strong holding midfielder, not a defender. Vidic, Smalling and Jones are all back (or imminent) to augment Rio and Jonny Evans. The back line needs a midfied in front of it that attackers can’t use as a runway to fly full on into the defence.


  4. As for Chelsea we need a good finisher like falcao and also a replacement for Cole if he goes and we can hav young LB Like Luke shaw of SOTON. Bentrand is not good LB for us…

  5. Among all the EPL teams, Arsenal has the greatest problem. They urgently need a striker or else they will not even qualify to play the europa league next season.

  6. All this Falcao talk is hilarious, maybe he does want to come to the BPL but thats a big assumption given whats going on in Spain, Athletico are in the ascendancy, especially with the talk of Mourinho, Ronaldo & Ozil leaving Real at the end of the season.

    I’m sure he would only go to CFC for Money, there is no guarantee CFC qualify for UCL this season.especially of they continue to drop point and are out of the top 4 in January with the manager position in disarray.

    1. For once I agree and I’m not sure that Falcao would want to come to a very unsettled situation however i would like Leanardo Damiao more than i would like Falcao.

      1. Easiest job in the world is CFC scout, Just follow the Spurs scout.

        I would Love Damiao, his movement would rip defenses apart in the BPL, i’ve only seen 6 games of his this season for his club international, 6’2″ so has a physical presence but he is so smart. I really rate him.

        For Spurs i would Like to see a left back, Leyton Baines.

        Spurs have scored 28 goals in the league, 3rd highest in the league its the defense that needs to stabilize.

        Now Lloris is in it helps ALOT but having Jan & Caulker in the center and rotating walker and Naughton on the right, BAE ISNT good enough at defending for AVB roles and responsibilities.

        José Ángel Valdés Would be a good pick up I think for LB.

        Willian to rotate and eventually replace lennon.

        That would be it for january

  7. Newcastle needs a Right Back, a Centreback, and a box to box midfielder. As such, I suggest:

    FC Twente’s Douglas
    Toulouse’s Moussa Sissoko
    Lille’s Mattheu Debuchy

  8. Liverpool need a striker or two and a replacement for Gerrard who is on a decline and doesn’t offer goals either, only one this season. West Ham’s Diame has a buyout clause that can be triggered in January and he was of interest to Liverpool before he left Wigan for West Ham.

  9. Spurs should be fine at LB, despite what everyone has been saying. BAE helps WAY more than he makes mistakes, it’s just so obvious when he does mess up that everyone jumps on it. Vertonghen, Naughton, and even Bale can cover (despite the poor trial of it earlier, I think LB would be Bales strongest position, since it would cater more to his strengths — speed and endurance — than it does at LW, where he just doesn’t have enough space to make those great runs.

    Spur’s biggest need, though, is a play-maker who can really activate their attacking players — Bale, Lennon, Ade.
    Pjanic, Erikson, Moutinho, or Willian would be great.

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