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Premier League Giants Lose Again. Get Used To It

carlton cole Premier League Giants Lose Again. Get Used To It

There’s still a long way to go this season, but like I’ve been saying before the season started, this season will be the most competitive Premier League season in a very long time.

The talent from top to bottom in the league is closer than ever before. Clubs in the bottom half are stronger and have talent more evenly spread throughout their sides than in previous seasons, while the clubs near the top of the table are far weaker defensively than in previous years.

Today was a perfect example of this as West Ham United defeated Chelsea, Swansea beat Arsenal, Reading gave Manchester United several shocks and Everton stopped Manchester City from winning at home.

It’s important to note that the clubs outside of the giants are winning by playing as teams instead of relying on star individuals to lift them up. West Bromwich Albion, despite their recent slip, are a perfect example of this. They work hard and play extremely well as a team, but it’s hard to pick out specific individuals that are the reason for their success.

As the teams lower down the table make smarter decisions in the transfer market, picking players that fit within their system, it helps them compete against the top clubs by playing them at their game. Gone are the days of negative tactics of forming a wall of 10 defenders in front of your goalkeeper for most of the game. Lower table clubs are playing expansive football and trying to outdo the big guns.

The end result is a far more enticing and competitive Premier League. Even teams who are in the lower reaches of the table are playing well. It’s just their defensive woes that are letting them down. QPR, Southampton and Reading spring to mind.

Despite a poor run of form at times, you can look at the other teams in the league and see plenty of potential. Stoke City, Aston Villa, Norwich, Wigan and Fulham have nothing to be ashamed of. They’ve all shown positive sparks of life this season, and a good run of form will boost them up the table.

Inconsistency has plagued Newcastle United, which isn’t surprising given their injury problems. Sunderland, out of all of the clubs in the Premier League, are the ones who I don’t have kind words for, except their clinical striker Steven Fletcher. With a different manager and different style of play, they would be miles better.

Today’s results aren’t a blip. It’s the norm this season. The clubs lower in the league will lose matches throughout the season, but there will be more upsets for us to watch throughout the rest of the season. That, I guarantee.

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13 Responses to Premier League Giants Lose Again. Get Used To It

  1. BA14 says:

    Chelsea should be embarassed.

  2. Matt says:

    I don’t know, to me there are A LOT of bad teams this season. Teams like Stoke, Sunderland, Villa are unwatchable but will probably stay up

    Title race is a two-horse race…though the fight for the final two CL spots will be interesting especially if Chelsea continue to struggle

    • IanCransonsKnees says:

      Depends what you’re interested in and the horsesh*t in the media you believe.

      4 points off Chelsea and a good run of form will boost us up the table! Second only to Man City in goals conceded and 7 clean sheets, more than any other team. All without 2 recognised full backs.

      There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

  3. jtm371 says:

    my side is NFFC not Man U,when they play city next Sunday i will root for them because city has nasri,tevez,and most of the matches i root for underdog not always but most of the time.

  4. trickybrkn says:

    nice pic from the Championship, and Julien Faubert. He now plays in Turkey.

  5. Guy says:

    Now, now, Gaffer. How does Stoke get lumped in with Villa, Norwich, Wigan and Fulham?? Besides being well above those four, we are ahead of Arsenal and Liverpool as well. Just one point behind the mighty Swans! Nothing to be ashamed of, indeed.

    Don’t I remember you picking Stoke to get relegated this year? Not going to happen. ;-)

  6. IanCransonsKnees says:

    It’s interesting watching this season’s play, its very similar to when Pulis was stabilizing us in the Chamionship. Not pretty but impressively effective. Adjusting to life beyond this will prove tougher but it’s agreed that staying in the league is more essential than playing football to satisfy the neutrals.

    Back to the topic if our defence holds up I can see us giving United a real game at the Britannia this season.

    As for being lumped in with those teams Guy the reason we’re not down there with them is that we don’t think we’re something we’re not. We play to our strengths and not many seem able to match them this season.

  7. IanCransonsKnees says:

    And Swansea get to do it all over again to Arsenal.

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