Fluminense Full-Back Wallace to Join Chelsea Says Club: The Daily EPL

Chelsea is on the verge of signing Fluminense full-back named Wallace according to The Independent newspaper.  The gifted right back could be adequate cover for Branislav Ivanovic.

As of press time, we’re not able to confirm nor deny whether Wallace is any relation to the character Wallace from Wallace & Gromit.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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6 thoughts on “Fluminense Full-Back Wallace to Join Chelsea Says Club: The Daily EPL”

  1. Couple of thoughts:

    “I have admired Leon Osman for the last 5 years” — LOL what? so, 4 years of admiration wasn’t enough to include him in any England squad of Roy’s to this point. Ha! did the admiration turn into some man crush before he decided to act on it? absolute lunacy. Dropping Defoe, the most inform english striker, another stroke of genius, way to create a great team spirit and allow the team to form some cohesion…so basically what you are saying is that you don’t see yourself taking defoe to brazil, but Osman, he’s on the bubble….what a fool!

    wait! no article link to Defoe’s europa league hat trick? let me see…a Sandro article, several liverpool, Mancini, west brom, , newcastle, AVB Shoving assistant in excitement…hmm is Roy hodgepodge also editing the daily epl post?

    Here Roy just incase you missed it…. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/nov/08/tottenham-hotspur-nk-maribor-europa-league



    The out of form Spurs and man city game at the ungodly hour on sunday could see an increase to an 8 point gap between the two sides or decrease to just 2 after they meet at the Etihad. I don’t expect Spurs to win, i like others will still hope, but not expect, especially without Dembele who has been a key creative spark and general for us winning every time he has started for us in the BPL. Unfortunately he will miss the game as his apparent chronic hip injury has flared up and is undergoing treatment with an alleged return to the farsenal game (which I doubt).

    The teams performance last night was comprehensive, maribor did give Lazio a tough game in italy and were unlucky to loose 1-0. However, I do say this with genuine respect, it is only maribor, another encouraging sight was Tom Carroll’s performance last night he looked lively, alert, a creative spark! and, was instrumental in getting the ball out to the wings. A real impressive performance for someone so young and playing with the starting 11 where much more is expected by your peers, IMO he did not look out of place. I would go as far as to say I wouldn’t mind seeing him in there with Sandro, and give TH a rest/time in the gym or in the film room.

    anyways a great win..Roy your a joke….

    expectation 2-2 / 2-1 city
    Hope 2-0 Spurs …LOL

    1. You have to wonder about where Ivanovic fits in on this team. The right back situation i believe is going to be Azpilicueta. Ivanovic is a center back who is 3rd choice after JT, Luiz, and Cahill. Where do you put him ?

      1. I actually liked him working with Cahill at CB vs Swansea better than Cahill and Luiz. We are thin a CB, so I don’t see us selling him unless we plan on bringing back Bruma from loan in Hamburg. I almost think we would sell Luiz before Ivanovic kind of like how ManU sold Pique to Barca.

        1. Luiz can be world class for 10 minutes and then lose the match for you in the next 10 minutes. Cahill is the future while JT is starting to wind down his career.

  2. That article about the NYRB vs DCU match is pretty stupid. Yes MLS should have just postponed the game to Thursday, but come on it is not like every other league is perfect. I went to game 6 of the ALCS in 2009 when the Yanks were playing the Angels and made the train ride down to the stadium and was walking to the stadium when the large screen outside the stadium went from Yankees vs Angels 8:05pm to game postponed to the next evening because it had been raining all day and was going to continue to rain all night. The MLB could have just said we will play tomorrow don’t bother coming tonight. You didn’t didn’t hear bloggers and the media complain then.

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