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Mancini Defends City Tactics, Warning ‘If Players Don’t Get It They Don’t Belong in a Top Team’: The Daily EPL

roberto mancini Mancini Defends City Tactics, Warning If Players Dont Get It They Dont Belong in a Top Team: The Daily EPL

After initially coming out and blaming himself for Manchester Citys defeat against Ajax mid-week, Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has now gone on the offensive by warning his players that “If [they] don’t get [his tactics and formation changes], they don’t belong in a top team.”

The comment is a veiled threat not only at Micah Richards, but at the other City players including Joleon Lescott and Gareth Barry.

Mancini’s comments are opposite to the style of Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho, who prefer to protect their players from public criticism. It looks Mancini is running out of patience. A convincing win against Swansea tomorrow is a must to keep everyone satisfied — from the supporters to the players to the manager to the owner.

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3 Responses to Mancini Defends City Tactics, Warning ‘If Players Don’t Get It They Don’t Belong in a Top Team’: The Daily EPL

  1. RBP says:

    After repeated failed tactics, shouldn’t it be “If managers don’t get it they don’t belong in a top team”?

  2. Why? says:

    Mancini was answering a question to which he is right, top defenders should be able to play in different systems obviously! Micah Richards didn’t say anything at all other then the players prefer 442 even though most of last season they didn’t play that. He also said they’re not that used to it which is totally correct in his case but not the others as he was injured pre season and the times when they have used it this year. Just the press doing what they usually do with city, mountain and mole hill comes to mind.

  3. sassafrass says:

    if they dont belong in a top team, then they’re in the right place! stay put lads.
    massive club.

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