John Terry to Miss Next 4 Matches After Deciding Not to Appeal Against Racial Abuse Judgement: The Daily EPL

After one year of trials and tribulation, we can finally put the John Terry racist allegations story to bed after the Chelsea captain today decided not to appeal against the racial abuse judgement.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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15 thoughts on “John Terry to Miss Next 4 Matches After Deciding Not to Appeal Against Racial Abuse Judgement: The Daily EPL”

  1. Which means Cahill and Luiz in Central defense. I hope we don’t have a repeat of the Athletico Madrid match against poxy Spurs.

      1. I keep forgetting which BPL team you support, I know could be chelsea after last seasons and your love of them, although it could be arsenal too or maybe man city,.. I can remember, I do know that Ade is better than Shevchenko ever was.

        Wait for it…………


        1. You know that I’m a diehard Shaktar fan :) And I have been admirer of Manchester United since early 90s. I “discovered” them when certain Andrei Kanchelskis joined United from Shakhtar in 1991.

          As for comparing Ade and Sheva what is your assessment based on?

          1. My assessment is initial based off of trying to get a rise out of you. However, Ade has been a successful addition to a few teams scoring well for all of them. Unlike shev

    1. haha. I know AVB wants to beat us with his formation and keep that high line. I am praying to god that AVB plays Billy Gallas in that highline and we could have a repeat of that Semi-Final in April.

      1. HA! well, HARRY didn’t play a high line, he played the cover system, plus harry played 4-4-2, completely different.

        Chelsea will know what Spurs are doing as Di Matteo is playing exactly what AVB installed before leaving. in-fact Di Matteo and Abramosnitch are just executing AVB plan anyway playing 4-2-3-1 after parking the bus last year after avb was fired (I seem to rememebr DM plying a 442 before getting fired from west brom) Now CFC are leaving out Lampard and Terry more moving cole on to psg or rm.

        this game is a big litmus test for avb, we drew last year twice after being the better team on both occasions with terry and cole clearing of the line in both games.

        4:45 is just brutal, and on espn for the first time this season, so it’ll probably be a 0-0 draw as that was the curse last season when on espn.

        Seriously tho, i think the first half will be tense but we score 2 after 65 min mark to win it either 2-1 or 2-0. I hope Ade and sig start..

        1. If weren’t for Ramires missing a sitter at the 85′ minute we would have beaten Spurs 2-1 in December ! the better team indeed ! What I mean about last April is that you’ll see a lopsided score. Chelsea will have to withstand the first 15 minutes of pressure and then nail Spurs on the counter. I predict a 2-1 Chelsea or a draw like 0-0 or 1-1.

          1. Either way 4:45 is mental time to watch such a big game. I do still normally watch those games on espn (with the commentary on mute) at that time as I love football, but waking everyone up in the house with screaming is gonna happen and that can’t ead to good things.

            You are in Sacramento area right? so you too will suffer the early morning blues :)

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