John Terry is Not a Racist Says José Mourinho: The Daily EPL

No surprise here, but former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has come out and defended his former captain by saying that John Terry is not a racist. There, you have it.

Here are today’s Premier League headlines:

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18 thoughts on “John Terry is Not a Racist Says José Mourinho: The Daily EPL”

  1. Being a racist, or not, has nothing to do with the findings against this guy. What he said it the issue…not if he is a racist.

    I wish everyone would stop trying to justify this guys actions. He cares only about himself and could care less about societies standards.

    “I am John Terry…if you don’t like it, tough.”

    Chelsea needs to stand by their club policy of ZERO TOLERANCE WITH RACISM” and sack this guy.

      1. In my opinion…no. But as Sacto Blues has noted below, I really shouldn’t have an opinion unless I know someone personally. 😆

        I believe that the EPL, and all leagues/federations need to take a stand and take control of player actions. Instead, except in extreme cases, that take a “boys will be boys” approach.

        Could it be that it is all about the $$$$$$$$?

    1. Thank you for the clarification. I had not read the Guardian article before my post.

      I still believe that this guy gets away with anti-social behavior/actions that are not tolerated with others…the current FA ban not withstanding.

      If Chelsea Football Club has any backbone it will stand by their policy of not tolerating racism in any form. What was said is against that policy.

      My guess is that they will say that he was cleared in court therefore not subject to club policy.

  2. And you know him personally Fogette ? so you can answer specifically and to the point that JT doesn’t care about society standards because you’ve spent time with him or you’re going off what you have read in the papers and or other blogs ?

    1. No, I don’t know him personally…therefore, I guess I am not allowed to have an opinion. I also don’t know Romney or Obama personally, so I guess I shouldn’t vote in order to express an opinion. I guess I need to stop reading blogs, watching TV, reading the paper, etc.

      I also don’t know you personally. And vice versa.

      1. No one said you shouldn’t have an opinion. I have a opinion that is 180 degrees from your characterization that Terry is a menace to society.

          1. I’m not swayed by your hyperbole about Terry being a ” menace to society “. It would be me saying That Rio Ferdinand should be banned from football because I read somewhere that he refused a drugs test so therefore he is a drug addict and United has a no-drugs policy. So Fogette you’ll be taking any player to task if they run afoul of ” societal standards ” even if they don’t play for Chelsea ?

          2. @Sacto Blues: “So Fogette you’ll be taking any player to task if they run afoul of ‘societal standards’ even if they don’t play for Chelsea?”

            Yes…see my opinion above regarding Luis Suarez.

        1. I am sure that your opinion is shared by all of the other “Chelsea in America” supporters.

          Fair enough. You bleed blue, so there will be no convincing you. Facts notwithstanding…

  3. From the Chelsea FC website:

    Fighting Racism

    Chelsea Football Club practices a zero tolerance policy towards racism at Stamford Bridge and takes a leading role in all the major anti-racist campaigns such as Kick Racism Out of Football, Show Racism the Red Card and all Uefa backed Europe-wide campaigns.

    Let’s see them back up their words with action and sack JT.

  4. Blah, Blah, Blah, the same old story about John Terry, I really don’t know if he is or isn’t a racist and frankly I could care less. So, some commission declares him a racist doesn’t make it true. Aside from family and friends who knows what is in Terry’s heart. I would challenge anyone at least once in their life they have not uttered a racist comment under their breath, in mind, or out loud. If you say you haven’t I think you are lying. As humans we are not perfect and never will be and how much as society wants everyone to like one another it will never happen, it’s just the human condition and you all might as well get used to it. However, I will say this freedom of speech doesn’t exist in the United Kingdom or Europe for that matter, you can’t have it both ways. Freedom to express your thoughts or ideas means taking the good with the ugly. That is one of the reasons I am grateful to have been born and live in the United States, even though our rights are under assault.

  5. @Sacto Blue – i two bleed the blue,but I think you ar wrong and fogettte is right this time. it is time for the club to sack the cptain for the good of the club and the game. sory, it hurts me to say it, but i think that is the truth.

    1. @Tru2Chelsea – Thank you for the support. I don’t think that you will convince too many of your fellow Chelsea supporters…but it is nice to know that someone can take off their blue colored glasses and see JT as he really is and know that he has to go.

      Thanks again, and good luck sharing your opinion with you fellow Blues supporters…I wish you the best but expect the worst.

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