Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 5: Open Thread

Do Sunday mornings get any better than this? Liverpool against Manchester United, Newcastle against Norwich City, Manchester City versus Arsenal and Tottenham against Queens Park Rangers. Four matches in the space of 4.5 hours.

Needless to say, the match between Liverpool and Manchester United is one that both sides will desperately want to win for the bragging rights in the north west of England. It’ll be particularly interesting to see what line-up Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers picks especially after the spirited performances from Jonjo Shelvey, Fabio Borini, Suso and Jordan Henderson.

In the other big match of the day, Arsenal is presented with a huge task to prove themselves with an away match against Manchester City at Etihad Stadium. If the Gunners can manage a win there, the sky’s the limit for this team.

The action kicks off at 8:30am ET at Anfield and continues until 1pm ET at White Hart Lane.

The complete US TV and Internet schedule can be found here.

Before, during or after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, question or observations in the comments section below.


72 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 5: Open Thread”

  1. 12:45 BST

    TEAM NEWS: The Manchester United team is also now in, with Nemanja Vidic not in the side, while they look rather tasty going forward.

    Lindegaard; Rafael, Evans, Ferdinand, Evra; Carrick, Giggs; Valencia, Kagawa, Nani; Van Persie

    Subs: De Gea, Anderson, Hernandez, Welbeck, Scholes, Cleverley, Büttner

  2. “All those new to the sport just became fans” — Rob Stone, a moment before kick-off on FOX Soccer (which will be aired later on FOX).

    I’m thinking that, but I wouldn’t be so presumptuous to say that.

    One more thing. When Bobby Charlton was walking the flowers on to the pitch, Stone said he was walking them over to a member of Liverpool’s groundstaff. That person was Ian Rush. I don’t think Stone recognized him, which is why Warren Barton barged in and said “Ian Rush.”

    The Gaffer

    1. There are so many of those facepalm moments involving FOX Soccer’s “pundits.”

      I really wish they would just use Sky Sports analysts. I would love to see Gary Neville on there since he has done such a fantastic job.

  3. Bad decision by Hulsey ruins the game. United have not crossed midfield in 42 minutes…they won’t need Basel this year to expose their mediocrity.

      1. i think he got the str8 red because of his previous reckless challenge which earned him a warning from the referee. he had no choice but to punish him for this one.

        Are my eyes deceiving or was Shelvey saying something to SAF while coming off??

        on a positive note for LFC fans, their midfield is totally dominating UTD’s. Even with 10 men they still look the most likely to score.

    1. Shelvey has only himself to blame for that. First a bad tackle on Giggs then 2 footed, studs up, scissors tackle on Evans. Can’t blame Halsey for that.

      1. Except that Evans was on the ground, and despite the rashness of the tackle by Shelvey, he barely contacted him. Studs were up by both players, Shelvey, however was second to the ball. I’ve seen worse get yellows.

  4. As for United, their lack of any midfield control has been an issue all season long. No need to beat a dead horse too much on that one. Not slowing down Liverpool’s midfield or breaking up passes then failing to retain possession. Seems they just want to rush forward as quickly as possible instead of trying to possess and probe Liverpool’s defenses.

    Liverpool have probably been the better side overall. Just wondering what exactly Sir Alex will do for the second half. Most likely bring on Fletcher at some point.

  5. How was Shelvey’s approach to the tackle any different than Evans’? Both players showed studs, both lunged with two feet. It was a 50/50 chance. What irks me is that Jonjo got to the ball before Evans; unfortunately for him he won the challenge and jumped to his feet in pursuit of the play, making him look the aggressor.

    1. Yeah, this is exactly my problem with it. Either they both go or they don’t. It shouldn’t have been just Shelvey. I also find it odd that Ferguson said after the match that Shelvey made no attempt for the ball. Huh? The replay shows he got the ball and there was barely any contact with Evans.

      All that being said, Shelvey needs to learn how to tackle. He has been a red card waiting to happen.

  6. LFC fan: Shelvey’s red wasn’t a TERRIBLE call, HOWEVER Evans went in 2-footed and studs up as well. He ALSO should have been sent off. The only reason he wan’t sent off is because Shelvey never rolled around on the pitch crying like Evans did. Kind of disappointing that Shelvey would have had to do that to receive justice…

      1. Yeah, Suarez dives, way too much (though a little less than last season), and it ruins his chances of having a legit foul get called a penalty… or a rare dive to be called a penalty (like the one Man United got). What does that have to do with Cody’s point?

  7. This win leaves a bad taste in my mouth to be honest. United won mostly because of the refereeing decisions that went their way. But at the end of day a win is a win and United are now just a point behind Chelsea. From the Liverpool perspective they stay pinned down at the bottom of the table and I don’t see them climbing out of that hole anytime soon.

        1. Everyone said the same about Arsenal last year. I’m not saying we’re finishing 3rd, but seriously, there’s still way more talent on this team than there is on: Fulham, Swansea, QPR, Sunderland, Norwich, Southampton, Reading, West Ham, Aston Villa, West Brom, and Stoke

          1. No doubt Liverpool have good enough team to stay out relegation zone. However, they seem not able to put their act together. Liverpool used to be extremely hard beat at Anfield but this season they have just one point in three home games. Not that you expect them to do any better on the road. So the writing is on the wall. It is a matter of time that the player frustration sets in and the recent history has shown that this LFC organization cannot handle adversity well.

        2. But you seem to be basing this on today’s natch. We all just saw 10-man Liverpool absolutely dominate 11-man Yanited, and IF the match was properly officiated (Evans either sent off with Shelvey or neither sent off at all, and no penalty given for the Valencia dive) we’re looking at either a lucky draw for the Mancs or perhaps even a comfortable Liverpool win. Then we aren’t having this survival discussion. To think this team is going to enter a relegation battle is baffling.

    1. Most of the soccer language is universal. But Rob Stone seems to have his own language at times that he makes up, which grates viewers — understandably so.


      The Gaffer

  8. Take heart Liverpool supporters! At least this time next season you’ll be in the top half of the (Championship) league table!


  9. The referee was obviously biased against Liverpool! This is too obvious, how could refereeing decisions possibly be so one-sided? And we have to suspect if he was actually bribed or not, but we have no evidence of course, so nothing can really be concluded from this.

    Nevertheless, I guess this is just life.

  10. Come on Arsenal! All the best and I really hope you can win Man City!

    The Liverpool-United match was a bit more difficult for me since I dislike both teams. That is not to say that the match wasn’t full of drama and emotion, especially towards the end. At least I can enjoy this next match in the sense that I’m supporting one of the teams here, i.e. Arsenal. Quite worried about the threat posed by City though.

      1. I think you need to take the entire incident into account in the same way the referee did. Shelvey had just gone in hard on Giggs then ran full bore into his next tackle. It was 50/50, Evans also slid in, but got there just ahead of Shelvey who also flew in with a scissors tackly which will always be adjudged more harshly than a typical tackle. Shelvey had already been given a warning and if you look at both tackles he had just put in back to back on Giggs and Evans as 2 yellow cards, then maybe that will help as well. Either way you look at it, it was dangerous and he was out of control at the time.

        1. I can concede Shelvey’s tackle warranted a red. What I can’t stand is that in every 50/50 situation, the ref ruled in favor of Man U. And, as much as I don’t really like Suarez, the no-call on him was more flagrant than the penalty awarded Man U. I can handle losing, that’s not a problem, but I can’t handle referees deciding to determine the outcome. Up to the Shelvey challenge, he didn’t issue a single warning or yellow card. The first card he busts out is a straight red? But RVP’s equally hard challenge warrants a yellow? Is that a bit of star power at work? Bad refing? I honestly don’t know.

          There are signs that Rodgers tactics may be beginning to work, but now we’re out Agger, Kelly, Shelvey, and Borini. Next time how about we just give the points to Man U and forgo the unnecessary injuries and cards?

    1. Thats the David Silva who just got a 200K+ contract…..LOL

      But I just think David Silva is tired. He’ll re-gain his form eventually

        1. LoL it switched back to American English on me, which is terrible for my London accent. Back to British English and all seems fine again. We got the rub on the equalizer!

  11. Congrats Gunners, well deserved equaliser from Koscielny(not sure if I spelled him correctly) and good point. Gervhino should really have converted that one though, apparently he isn’t in-form today. Aiya, what a wasted opportunity for Arsenal to win the game. Maybe someone else like Podolski would have scored that. But a point away to Man City is considered a good result and I guess I ought to be satisfied, though I had to wait so nervously long for that equaliser. I guess maybe it is games like this where one has to endure until the end before finally being able to rejoice that I enjoy the most.

    Next up for Arsenal is a game against Chelsea, another tough one I’m afraid. I would be happy if they win this time given their home advantage. Even a thriller like last season’s 5-3 wouldn’t be that bad, even if it means Arsenal has to concede several goals.

    I’m still gutted about the injustice in the Liverpool-United match but I guess I was wrong to make some of those insensitive comments in which I accused the referee without any ground. Maybe I should be more careful with what I say when angry in future. I tend to be nasty towards RVP too (because of his transfer to Man U) and very nearly made some comments which aren’t typical of me. I guess my resentment toward him has to stop at some point as well and I will have to accept the fact that he’s moved on with his life.

  12. Liverpool fans should feel like things are moving the right way. They looked so much better than man utd. LFC played them off the park. Be patient with Rodgers, when it does click you will be stronger for it. Keep the faith.

  13. Spurs win, Terry retires from international football, complete the hatrick, the 3 stooges pundit team on fox soccer are not allowed to broadcast again!….if wishing made it so.

  14. The Arsenal are in the conversation. And I still think Girou will contribute goals. The bust talk is premature. He is hustling on hold up play and set pieces. Nice assist last Tuesday as well. I won’t expect too much from Jack until late in the season. MF solid and Arsene was right not to replace Song. Still hope we buy another striker Jan. Gervino is going to have a better season, and his pace will be effective against bottom half sides, but we can’t rely on him at CF against stout defenders.

    1. Mertesacker’s positioning has been fantastic this season. He made so many key interceptions to halt dangerous City attacks. Like many of Arsene Wenger’s signings, he has been better in his second season.

  15. Sorry to triple dip. As a neutral, Liverpool are performing well and have been unfortunate. They will bounce back into the top ten. Be patient with Rogers. If he is given time, the patience will be rewarded.

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