Being Liverpool, Behind-The-Scenes Documentary, Debuts On US Television: Open Thread

FOX makes history today by broadcasting the first-ever soccer documentary ever to be shown on free-to-air network television in the United States. That fact alone is another reason to recognize how soccer has grown in this country from a sport that was laughed at and denigrated in the eighties to what it has become today.

Depending on where you live in the United States, FOX will show “Being: Liverpool,” its behind-the-scenes TV documentary, either from 3-4pm ET (for markets getting the 4pm ET NFL game) or 4:30-5:30pm ET (for markets getting the 1pm ET NFL game).

Before, during or after the “Being: Liverpool” documentary, post your observations in the comments section below. I’m particularly interested in reading what you think about the debut episode of the documentary. Do you like it? Is it better or worse than you expected — based on EPL Talk’s review of the first episode?

Share your opinions in the comments section below.

29 thoughts on “Being Liverpool, Behind-The-Scenes Documentary, Debuts On US Television: Open Thread”

  1. Gaffer your article about the other day about the first episode ruined it for me but I’ll watch anyway. I actually liked the behind the behind the scenes look at Steven Gerard that was done several years ago and was hoping this would be something similar but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. While this is a bubblegum reality show, Liverpool’s accounting books could greatly benefit from it.

    If reality tv can make no-talent people stars and millionaires, what will it do for a storied club like Liverpool??

        1. are you crazy? Joe Allen has been one of the two best Liverpool players(along with Sterling).

          If Liverpool can make Gerrard make better decisions then they’ll be alright. Can’t go for the hollywood ball all the time.

      1. You mean just like bebe, Anderson, degea, Rafael , Veron, forlan etc ?

        Trying to be smart is not working mate ..stick with supporting Manure..glory hunting numpty.

  3. I already have my DVR set to record it at 9 tonight on FSC, but was disappointed that it was not promoted more on FOX. Not only did they refuse to ever give a specific air time, but most providers do not even have it listed on FOX as an option to watch. Instead they have listed “Bloopers!” in the TV guides.

    Very poor. How many people are going to miss out on it because of this? I’m sure that if it were actually listed they would get a larger audience than they most likely will now.

  4. I watched it last week. It was like an episode of MTV Cribs with the odd other bits thrown in here and there. The only things it left me thinking about afterwards was how nice Rodgers’ house was and how big the swimming pool was and how amusing it was to see that Lucas plays Monopoly with Suarez and Coates lol

    For a Liverpool fan it’s great but for ‘outsiders’ not so much. Hoping it gets better.

  5. Gaffer I’ll give it a generous 6/10 for the first episode. Would have been nice to see some of the behind the scenes stuff with Dalglish getting sacked at the end of last season and the appointment of Rodgers. They spun it like he was the only choice when we all know they supposedly got turned down by several other managers first. Easy to see it’s geared towords promoting Liverpool fc in the USA and not a real HBO type behind the scenes program.

    Also thought it was pretty funny that the fella at the start was bragging about Liverpool having “thousands of flags and songs”. Hopefully the next couple of episodes are better viewing.

  6. I was hoping it would be more hard knocks style, but it seemed to be just a show to convince neutrals to follow liverpool. Im ok with that to some extent to build a bigger fanbase (liverpool and soccer in general), but its not what i was expecting. Gonna be a bit annoying during the full run of the show, but ill still watch. Kinda neat to see a medical get performed and such. Also, unintentional humor in how Rodgers spends a few minutes talking about how awesome his niece is and then barely mentions his own daughter’s name.

  7. When will we see YNWA being sung in the home stadium by the fans?…Rev your fans up by using it as either a lead-in or lead-out to the show!!

  8. decent intro episode not too great to be honest but nice to see workings of the club.

    And thank god for forwarding over Kenny’s sacking.

  9. Disappointing and boring. I was expecting something sharp from Rodgers. Instead we got a bunch of cliches and aphorisms. Nice Porsche, though.

  10. Not edited well at all giving the impression the story was weak, didn’t build any expectation, or interest. I assume that’s because they had to go back and re film a bunch after Kenny was booted. No surprise Rodgers seems like a nice guy. No surprise Gerrard is a nice guy either.

    The production quality wasn’t that good either especially when you compare it to “a football life” by the NFL network. It’s not like there aren’t good productions teams in the uk, Top Gear for one is a good example of production quality.

    For americans, If you want to paint english football players as super stars, athletes at the top of their game @ the most prestigious club in England (allegedly) you have to show them in that that light first, before you show them playing monopoly on an ikea table…

    I think Paul said it best earlier, “it was like MTV cribs”, I would amend, Gerard’s house was plush, Rodgers House with his roman greko swimming pool was like MTV cribs, everything else was like..well..not that. I fell asleep after 30 mins or so and that was at noon on sunday!

    Sad to see my favorite sport portrayed by one of its biggest names as…meh

  11. Why didn’t they spend the first 20-30 mins building up the sport and then LFC in that context, the influence, LFC have had, the headlines with the doubles, the success, the glamour, the Champions league win, I saw none of that, some shots of Kenny Daglish scoring hardly put it in context… Such a wasted opportunity

  12. I think its going to be a slow burn… You have to start simple and this show seems aimed at providing Americans with a glimpse into the club. Then at turns it did gloss over the LFC history – just assuming you know all that. Weird. I think also its setting the tone of the players stories to be followed early on… Here’s hoping, but I’ll be watching. I’m a sucker for documentary series.

    1. Agreed. It’s aimed towards Red Sox fans who realize that they have a connection to Liverpool (or rather were forced that connection) and that’s why Liverpool’s history (incredibly storied, needless to say) was overlooked a bit, or rather was not expounded upon. And that’s also why this documentary has an American feel to it, even though it’s about a British league.

      It is what it is. Any fan that wishes to consider themselves a true fan would, I hope, look up and watch the Liverpool History documentary on YouTube.

  13. This Liverpool FC’s way of trying to be relevant again – a bit like that fading star who pops up on a celebrity reality show. I think it’s great. :)

  14. This just made me feel bad for Rodgers..

    You can tell he’s a good guy, and though I am not a Liverpool fan, I want success for Rodgers.. Sounds strange but it’s true.

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