International Break is Damaging Premier League, Says Roberto Martinez: The Nightly EPL

Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez came out today and said that international breaks are damaging the Premier League. Martinez is complaining because several of his players are just coming back from international duty, and he and the players have little time to prepare before they play Manchester United this Saturday.

With the Premier League being filled with so many global stars, the league’s players have to fly to remote parts of the world, and then return to England with little time to relax and to prepare for the next games.

Here are the Premier League news headlines tonight:

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9 thoughts on “International Break is Damaging Premier League, Says Roberto Martinez: The Nightly EPL”

  1. to knowingly host a semi final at a ground without a valid safety certificate is negligent enough, but to have been doing it for 10 years and not addressing it is Criminally negligent.

    I would expect those at Sheffield Wednesday and The FA that continued to host games with the public in attendance at that section of the ground without a safety cert should be prosecuted for manslaughter. there is no limitations of double jeopardy.

    They knowingly and willingly put the public at physical risk on multiple occasions and it resulted in 96 dead, then it was covered up, they have to be complicit in the cover up too.. I don’t see this ending well for the F.A.

    I hope the family don’t give up and seek damages from the the F.A.

  2. I’m not sure how that differs from other Leagues who have foreign players. I’m additionally not sure what the solution is short of curtailing international football.

    I know it must be frustrating because 3 points won or lost can decide the financial future of many teams.

    The nature of the best I’m afraid.

    1. Perhaps curtailing internationals is the answer. I wouldn’t mind it. I don’t much care for international football.
      Let the seasons go on.
      They could always do the internationals in breaks during the summer. Or… have a 3 week break for internationals and then give teams another week or 2 to get back together before resuming the season.
      This would actually be more helpful to both teams since it would allow international squads more time to gel.

  3. Isn’t it the same thing with Manchester United?? what drugs is Roberto Martinez on? most other leagues are dealing with the same issue.

  4. What does he want to happen? Play the games midweek? That worked when players stayed at home and played in their respective domestic leagues. A couple of years ago I watched Australia v Japan WC qualifier during an international break and the Aussie players from England were absolutely knackered 15 minutes into the second half. There is no easy way around this problem but it seems to me a break is the only option.

  5. Have to disagree I really enjoy the international tournaments. The problem is that the European qualifiers aren’t as competitive as those in South America. I actually have started to sour on the Premier League. There is no real point when you know it is money that will win out every time.

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