How Many Premier League Clubs Still Play At Their Original Ground?

Some of you may remember that my favorite rock band, The Cult, are also massive football supporters. Billy Duffy, lead guitarist, appeared on talkSPORT Radio this afternoon to describe his passion for Manchester City. Meanwhile, lead singer Ian Astbury spoke about Everton in a recent interview, and had this to say about his passion for his favorite club:

“[Everton] are very much of their community and have been for over a hundred years, and one of the last clubs to be playing in their original ground.”

That got me thinking about which Premier League clubs still play in their original ground — although original is a debatable word. That’s because Everton’s original ground was Stanley Park. And after that it was Anfield. But the club moved to Goodison Park in 1892. So, technically, you’re wrong Mr. Astbury, but the sentiment still holds true since Everton has played at The Grand Old Lady, as Goodison is nicknamed, for so long.

Here are the Premier League clubs who have been in their original ground since their beginning:

  • Chelsea (at Stamford Bridge since 1905),
  • Liverpool (at Anfield since 1892), and
  • Newcastle United (at St. James’ Park since 1892).
Out of 20 Premier League clubs, three is such a small number. Liverpool almost left Anfield recently to move to Stanley Park under the Hicks and Gillett regime. Chelsea lost in the bid to move to Battersea Power Station, while Newcastle United won’t be moving from their ground anytime soon — perched on a hill in the center of the city, despite owner Mike Ashley renaming the ground to suit his business interests.


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