Tottenham Missed Out On Joao Moutinho Joining Club By Minutes: The Nightly EPL

Heartbreak for Tottenham Hotspur fans tonight as The Telegraph reports that the club was literally minutes away from signing Portugese midfielder Joao Moutinho, but the club didn’t make the Friday night deadline.

The clubs had agreed a fee for Moutinho, but there were third-party ownership issues that prevented the deal from going through.

Meanwhile, here are the Premier League news headlines from a busy day:

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9 thoughts on “Tottenham Missed Out On Joao Moutinho Joining Club By Minutes: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Utterly ridiculous. I love Levy, but this kind of crap drives me crazy. Why can’t we have our deals wrapped up with WEEKS to go like Man U? Sure, I think we made some great signings this summer, but they were all toward the end of the window. These 7 dropped points will come back to haunt us in May, I’m telling you. I wonder if we’ll make another offer for Moutinho in January…

  2. According to most sources, it wasn’t a lack of time but rather not being able to meet Moutinho’s personal terms that was the snag. January perhaps?

    1. Perhaps Moutinho and Damiao in January. Dropping any points is not great but I’m sure AVB, Levy and co have worked out the minimum points they feel they will need to make top four, right now we have 1 loss and 2 draws, yes it could be argued we should have won those, but we need to move forward and be positive.

      Would you prefer a slow start (which isn’t much slower than last year 3 points from 3 games this year 2 points from 3 games) or a faster start and a complete meltdown from march onwards?

      Last Seasons Table
      Pos Team PL W D L GF GA GD Pts
      1 Manchester City (C) 38 28 5 5 93 29 +64 89
      2 Manchester United 38 28 5 5 89 33 +56 89
      3 Arsenal 38 21 7 10 74 49 +25 70
      4 Tottenham Hotspur 38 20 9 9 66 41 +25 69

      So as you can see while our 1 loss and 2 draws isn’t the start we wanted it ISNT the end of the world. The summer of international football has meant most teams that had a busy international schedule for their players are starting slow.

      It will take time, all I heard today on post game coverage for teams that have had manaegrs with squad overhalls Like Fulham, QPR and Sunderland was it will take time for the new additions to gel etc…etc… and everyone seemed to agree that the squads and the new managers need to be given time. so lets stop the panic, move on and back him.

      1. “Would you prefer a slow start (which isn’t much slower than last year 3 points from 3 games this year 2 points from 3 games) or a faster start and a complete meltdown from march onwards?”

        You make it sound like it can only be one or the other.

        1. With a new manager, system and style yes it is like that, it’s no diff than any other change management, there has never been a new manager system and style implemented that start well and just continues without fault, the snag is these things called humans. I don’t want to see a collapse like last year again, I have no problem being patient.

    2. Daniel Levy is a mug hes dismantled squad that finished people like this beady eyed muppet il never know, i want him out!

      1. He sold on Modric who wanted to leave.

        VDV was rarely good for a full 90 minutes, and even though he scored a ton of goals, I think he’s been adequately replaced by Dempsey/Sigurdsson/Dembele.

        Also brought back Adebayor, and a proven international shot stopper to replace a 41 year old who’s glued to his line (albeit still excellent at times).

        So besides losing Modric, I’m not sure you can really make the case that Spurs are any worse than last year. I would argue the depth they now have in attack is a step up.

        If 3rd/4th is the goal, look at the teams around (Chelsea, Newcastle, Arsenal, Everton, Liverpool) who would be pushing for the same spot and tell me, besides Chelsea, any of them look any stronger than last year.

        Sure Arsenal picked up Carzola, who will be fantastic, but it still remains to be seen if Podolski/Giroud can pick up the HUGE glut of goals that headed to Manchsester.

        Chelsea have made the biggest strides of any of the other competitors – but you’ll be hard pressed to say Newcastle or Everton made enough signings to say they are any better than last year. Everton is too thin to realistically push for 4th, and Newcastle probably slightly overachieved last year. Unless you think CIssse will be firing at a goal/game for 38 games.

    3. i dont believe that! there was so much rubbish being mouted during the transfer window, the only signing we made that was on the card from the start was lloris the rest was pure speculation. i didnt here any thing about dembelle or dempsey till the last day, hense why in the future i will only believe it when its a done deal!

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