What FIFA 13 Questions Do You Have For EA Sports?

Tomorrow morning, EPL Talk will be provided special access to play FIFA 13. The idea of the visit: Play the game. Ask Questions. Show you. So here’s the perfect post for you to pose your questions about FIFA 13. You might want to know about any tiny detail of the game, or just how it plays, so drop a question in the comment box and we will ask it whilst our thumbs dance on the controller.


Incase you missed it, here’s the Gamescon 2012 trailer for the game. Take a look at the rest of the playlist here. With ’13 looking to build on the success that it has already built up through a solid experience both on and off the pitch, the developers are guaranteed to refine and evolve FIFA as opposed to revolutionise the platform. There are some nice details included in this year’s edition of the game. We can’t wait to see what else they’ve included.

28 thoughts on “What FIFA 13 Questions Do You Have For EA Sports?”

  1. Is it jus me bc it seems the referee only calls fouls against me while playing against computer? And can u please ask them if they fixed the moment went the ball is n the air or it gets rebounded and my player gets all disoriented but the computers players wrk perfectly.

  2. Have they fixed the ultimate team disconnection errors and will we keep our contracts and other consumables if iy does happen?

    Also will they ever add women players to the game now the female version is gathering pace and good publicity?

  3. Why can’t I carry over a manager/career mode save over from year to year meaning why can’t I have my FIFA 12 save work on FIFA 13?

  4. Have they made it easier to transfer to a new club as manager? Last time around you only got 3 or 4 options, at the end of the season, and to predetermined teams. It sucked. I had to play manager mode 3 different times to manage the teams I wanted.

  5. I’m curious about the manager mode and what changes/enhancements they’ve made to the development academy. It’d be nice rather than those players just sitting there if there was a reserve league or something.

    For actual gameplay, I’d love it if there was something between the “easy” modes where you can just sprint all the time and beat the computer 10-0 every and the “slightly harder” mode where you can’t score at all without being a master of all the skill moves.

    1. If you go to your local GameStop and checkout last month’s Game Informer if I remember correctly they go over all the new things that are being implemented to manager mode like player development and international breaks.

  6. A couple of fixes to make the game perfect:

    1. Offside Glitch – Make so offsides is only called when the offensive player touches the ball
    2. Remove Any on OTP but leave it in club
    3. First touch on defense – Try and first touch on a inception sometime changes to another player
    4. Allow player to take a dive in the box, also yellow cards for Simulation
    5. Curve ground cross

  7. Loved the Head to Head seasons. But I’d like to be able to see what team I’m playing against before the game begins. I’m tired of playing against these knobs who only using Madrid or Barcelona. Those teams get every loose ball and every break possible. Makes the game unenjoyable,

  8. Errrrrr you’ve all missed the most important question!!!
    Will Liverpool please attack the kop 2nd half!!!!…….yes this drives me insane!!!!

  9. Will there be any ramifications for players quitting early? Surely the most infuriating thing about playing online.

    Kit clashing is also common in the head to head league mode, as well as being matched against the same team your playing as. Two other minor grievances I have about the game.

  10. 1. Is the World Cup included or will we still have to buy a separate game for that?

    2. Have they fixed the Gameface?

    3. How much more ‘managerial’ will it be compared to say Football manager?

  11. A couple of fixes to make the game better:

    1. Offsides: make linesmen make occasional mistakes based on how close playing it to being actually offside. That is, if a player is 1/2 yard offside, the probability of linesmen calling it is smaller than when 5 yards offside. THIS WOULD BE GREAT!

    2. First touch on defense – Try and first touch on a inception sometime changes to another player is very annoying

    3. Attacker instincts — every FIFA game has ignored the instinct of striker to pursue loose balls in the box. After a shot, it is extremely difficult to get attackers to pounce on loose balls. In fact, they often start running away from opponent’s goal after shot, which is so antithetical to standard striker instincts. FIX THIS!

    4. Allow player to take a dive in the box, also yellow cards for Simulation. They used to have diving but it was really poorly implemented (50% chance of success). With new physics engine in place, this could make for interesting game play — i.e. conservative defending against player who can dive “well” [of course, EA may claim that diving is not in the spirit of sport… but neither is bringing down last man, and that is allowed]. LOW PRIORITY!

    5. Curve ground cross — this would be HUGE. On a counter-attack, it is hard to release a striker from the wings and the triple-pass maneuver is not useful for this purpose as it just represents a hard low straight ball. The “Through-pass” doesn’t work for passing around returning defenders and “High pass” is too slow and falls behind attacking run. FIX THIS!

    1. number 1 would make the game way more frustrating than it already is. im sure ea dont want any lawsuits for heart attacks while playing fifa 😉

  12. Will the computer controlled teams have more real life personality?

    As right now all the teams and players play the exact same way. When in reality every team should play a different style. So when you play Stoke they play long balls from the back, concentrate on set pieces, when against Messi he should attempt to dribble past players more than most etc.

    Has the automatic last ditch stretch for the ball animation been taken out of the game?

    As I’m pretty certain it has never helped me and has instead cost me alot of goals. Plus the game shouldn’t even be attempting to stretch for the ball unless I instruct it to by pressing the relevant button.

  13. I forgot to add, do EA think adding in a new online arena mode would be a good idea?

    I would suggest having the arena like it is now in single player but instead have it online and joinable.

    That way you could have arena games with other players like crossbar challenge, free kick challenge, headers and volleys, quickest to dribble through an obstacle course, 1v1 knockout etc.

  14. Why is Liverpool always so under rated? I heard England’s captain and arguementaly England’s and Liverpool’s best player! I heard he’s getting dropped to an 83? I’m getting so fed up with how EA I’m like many liverpool fans and remember there’s millions of us, were just end up not buying the game, just like we did to the Sun newspaper It’s rediculas, are player ratings seem to get achnoliged on only a few bad games in a season

  15. Are you guys ever gonna include Womens soccer. Atleast the Womens international teams. The world cup should definatley be included or atleast a mode like it. And make the linesman not call really close offsides calls. And to me it seems like i always get fouls called on me but never on the computer. I think if you add these the game will be so much better.

  16. im playing utlimate league and have a question one of the tournaments have requirements of max number of leagues is 2 in the squad starting eleven wat does that mean

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