Landon Donovan Won’t Be Playing For Everton After MLS Season Ends: The Nightly EPL

US international midfielder Landon Donovan has broken the hearts of Everton supporters today by saying that he wants to take a break after the current MLS season ends, and won’t be playing for Everton (or any other club). At least Tim Cahill may return for Everton after this MLS season is over.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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10 thoughts on “Landon Donovan Won’t Be Playing For Everton After MLS Season Ends: The Nightly EPL”

  1. I hope this Modric garbage is over… To say Im disappointed with it is an understatement, from what I have heard the Modric money will just top up the funds to 55 million for use now and in January (If Ade and Defoe don’t produce the goals, I would expect a bid for Damiao in the January window.

  2. Sad day when you have the skill to play at the highest level and you choose not to play is sad.never was a fan of L Donovan and this attitude just cements my thoughts on him.

  3. i think its time everton just moved on from the donavon situation,
    he,s no spring chicken and if moyes wants to bring another wide player in,he should look at a younger option.
    we,ve plenty of midfield cover now anyway,providing nobody tempts bill to sell the crown jewels.

  4. Nobody cares anymore Landon. Nobody Cares. While Dempsey has accomplished more at the highest level than Donovan, it is crazy to to even think that Dempsey is the better player. But I do give Dempsey credit for not being afraid to play at the highest level.
    I dont think I’ve seen Donovan have one bad game playing for Everton yet he chooses to stay in the MLS for some reason we’ll never understand.

  5. Gutted about this.

    Donovan just “gets it” at Everton. I absolutely love his attitude. He is a fantastic player who always produces when he’s at donned the royal blue.

    I don’t really blame him for staying in the US this season though. He deserves a break and is clearly very settled in LA. I wish him all the best.

  6. Donovan lately has been frequent with the “I’m tired” and hints of retirement. Too bad, as he is a nice player and would seem to have some life left in his career otherwise.

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