Feuerstein’s Fire #115 & CCL Week 3 Review

feuersteins fire 300x168 Feuersteins Fire #115 & CCL Week 3 ReviewFeuerstein’s Fire #115 Monday, August 27th 8PM EDT – 5PM PDT

Guests: Phil Schoen of Be In Sport discusses the acquisition of CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers on the new channel

Hear what a soccer hater sounds like as I rant on this fool

NASL Segment: Re-Capping the weekend of Games

Red Bulls Hour: Re-Capping the Road Game at Sporting Kansas City

2012-13 CONCACAF Champions League Group Stage Week 3 Review Show

Friday, August 31st 8PM EDT – 5PM PDT

Reviewing Toronto, Houston, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Seattle & Mexican clubs

Listen to internet radio with Feuersteins Fire on Blog Talk Radio

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