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Gary Neville’s Glowing Praise For Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla And His Gunners Debut [VIDEO]

Sky Sports media pundit Gary Neville was full of praise for Arsenal’s debut performance by Spanish midfielder Santi Cazorla in his debut against Sunderland.

On Sky’s Monday Night Football (the real football, that is), Neville opined about how gifted Cazorla is, and what an incredible sense of positioning he has as well as observant as far as opportunities on the pitch go.

Despite a disappointing nil-nil draw, Arsenal supporters will have a lot of confidence and hope based on Cazorla’s performance. Now if only his other teammates can rise to the occasion. Next up is Stoke City away on Sunday.

Watch the video before the authorities remove it from YouTube!

H/T 101 Great Goals.

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10 Responses to Gary Neville’s Glowing Praise For Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla And His Gunners Debut [VIDEO]

  1. tobechukwu says:

    definitely xaviolar (carzolar) is the main man in arsenal… i wish vanpersie is still here with us …..oh
    if arsene wenger didn’t do well in the transfer market meaning carzolar is playing on his own i.e we need a superb,quality and a combative players that are not afraid to shoot or to score ….players who are lion hear-ted players that is what we need in the team …players like LORENTE or LEWANDOWSKI, MVILLA, SAKHO,VANDERWEIL and a good competitive GP BUTLAND….that’s all…hn! and all is set then, believe me CL is our…..let wenger foret about what is gonna cost us ….the best thing ever is to keep going forward and by doing the right thing…

  2. Luis says:

    Amen to what Gary says about the club coming first. Amen.

  3. Fernando says:

    I can’t support this unless there’s a Neville goal-gasm.

  4. Steve says:

    Santi wil b great.he can score n is passer,wenger bring sahin we wil b complete

  5. ne says:

    ahhhh…thanks Gerry. Hope those other poser pundits will learn from you.

  6. Todd says:

    I was impressed with watching Cazorla on Sunday. I’m also still impressed by Neville’s punditry. He was such a passionate United player (and supporter of the club) but has really done well to provide quality, unbiased commentary each time he’s on.

    • v says:

      Wait did you say unbiased????

      Tell me you saw the barca v chelsea games last year in the UCL, every word coming out of his mouth was in favor of chelsea….and how dare he show praise to santi cazorla and at the same time applaud chelseas pathetic tactics….contradictions really work well for him i suppose

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