Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 1 Match Highlights [VIDEO]

An average of 2.71 goals per game was a brilliant way to kick off the 2012-13 Premier League season. In the first day of the new season, there were plenty of brilliant goals and action-packed games. Maybe your team won, lost or drew, but whatever the case, hopefully you’re glad that a beautiful part of our weekly lives is back again.

If you missed any of the goals or highlights, here they are (US readers only):

West Bromwich Albion vs Liverpool

Video: West Brom vs. Liverpool Premier League Highlights 08/18/12

Fulham vs Norwich City

Video: Fulham vs. Norwich City Premier League Highlights 08/18/12

Queens Park Rangers vs Swansea City

Video: QPR vs. Swansea City Premier League Highlights 08/18/12

Arsenal vs Sunderland

Video: Arsenal vs. Sunderland Premier League Highlights 08/18/12

West Ham United vs Aston Villa

Video: West Ham vs. Aston Villa Premier League Highlights 08/18/12

Reading vs Stoke City

Video: Reading vs. Stoke City Premier League Highlights 08/18/12

Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur

Video: Newcastle vs. Tottenham Premier League Highlights 08/18/12

4 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 1 Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. Rodgers has to start using Suarez on the right of the front 3 with Borini in the middle,Luis is far more effective there. Also for this system to work the full backa are vItal,unfortunately Enrique was injured which really messed up the game plan,Kelly just isn’t suited or this formation plus I feel
    Will be better used as a center back,Johnson looked lost at left back.
    Agger ,skrtel and gerrard all had shockers and downing was his usual hopeless self.
    Lets hope mor signings come in.

  2. I was watching the 1971 FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Liverpool and reading the names of the starting XI from both teams was a breath of fresh air. When being a foreigner meant being from the Republic or Ireland only.

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