Villa Park Is Ready for the 2012 Community Shield [VIDEO]

Villa Park is the venue tomorrow for the traditional kick-off to the English football season when Chelsea takes on Manchester City for the 2012 Community Shield.

Since Wembley is being used for the Olympics, the venue for the final this summer will be Aston Villa’s ground Villa Park.

Who’s looking forward to seeing a great final!?

One thought on “Villa Park Is Ready for the 2012 Community Shield [VIDEO]”

  1. The Community Shield rarely electrifies because players are cautious as they don’t want to get hurt. The game ussually livens up towards the end. Still looking forward to seeing the game as it signifies the beginning of the EPL season.

    With international friendlies being played this Wednseday I can see some players not being used for fear of having them play 3 games in a week.

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