Man City Switch Transfer Policy as Clock Ticks Down to Deadline; The Daily EPL

Manchester City has been relatively quiet during this summer transfer window. Expect that to change very quickly. The club has decided that it won’t wait until it sells Emmanuel Adebayor and Roque Santa Cruz before it goes ahead and buys more players. The club, instead, will try to buy first and hope it can sell later.

Meanwhile, here are the main Premier League news stories for today:

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13 thoughts on “Man City Switch Transfer Policy as Clock Ticks Down to Deadline; The Daily EPL”

  1. Man City have made a rod for their own back, signing players for big money and paying over the top wages. They have bought the title, nothing particularly new in that except the speed with which it was done. The players, who for whatever reason don’t fit in, may find themselves in a position, in going to another team possibly with no chance of winning a league title or playing in the CL, for less money. Presumably their contracts were signed in good faith. Going to City to win titles as opposed to a pay rise (?) They will find it difficult to offload them, when could possibly stay and try to break into the first team for the same money.

    1. I think the “Man City bought the title” argument is lazy. Every club buys the title. That’s what big clubs do. Who was the last Premier League side who didn’t buy the title? Manchester United has bought it many times before.

      The Gaffer

      1. I wasn’t implying that clubs don’t buy the title, just the speed in which they have done it and to what cost? The big clubs top up annually, Chelsea were top but 6 City were mid table. Now it appears they have trouble offloading players as I said earlier they have made a rod for their own back.

        1. Actually Micheal Blackburn were promoted to the prem in 1992 and two years later had won it! It took City twice as long as that.
          ‘The big clubs top up annually’ That’s right so City had to catch up fast to compete, which is exactly what they did. Would you have expected them to sign 1 player per year?
          They have no more trouble off loading players as most other clubs do or have, take Spur’s players below for instance all clubs have this problem sometime including Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal etc. There is no rod for City’s back they will sign one or two player for this season if the sell or not. How do I know this? Because the Chairman said so.
          It funny how somw people seem to twist the past and facts when it comes to City isn’t it?

  2. Wow I though Adebayor and Santa Cruz had already gone. Guess not. But then again, why would they? theyre still getting paid nice salaries.

    1. I think Abebayor would be gone to spurs already if Bentley, Jenas, Cudicini, Bassong weren’t still there getting paid their own ‘nice salaries’, but then again why would they?

  3. I wonder how much epl talk was paid for BeIn Sports to dominate epl talks advertising spots, as soon as the story was posted?

  4. I think they’ve been open to signing any player without offloading Adebeyor or Santa Cruz. If they were going to bring in a striker, Dzeko or Tevez would have to go. They went hard after Hazard before they offloaded anybody, and they have been going after De Rossi. It is just a matter of the right position and the right player.

    They’ll always try to get rid of Adebeyor and Santa Cruz, but those two aren’t taking up squad spots like our four strikers that will be part of the squad.

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