PES 2013 Demo Is Now Available For Download: First Impressions Review

The demo for PES 2013 was released this week on Xbox, PS3 and PC, and is now available for download.

The features of the PES 2013 demo include:

  • 5 min matches
  • 8 teams: England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Flamengo, Fluminense, Internacional and Santos
  • 2 stadiums: Royal London Stadium and Vila Belmiro

Before I got started, I set up a game between England and Germany on PES 2012 on the PS3. Both systems were connected to the same TV and running through the same sound system. The aim was to give the PES 2013 a fair review, in comparison to PES 2012. My wife also came in, to give me an extra eye as an observer. And after playing 3 games with the demo and the 2012 version, here is what we saw:

1. There is no real graphical difference between PES 2012 and PES 2013. Those looking for a massive graphics update will be disappointed. However, the color palette for 2013 doesn’t look as muddy or washed out as its predecessor.

2. The frame rate looks much steadier on close-ups and cut scenes. I’m wondering whether this has anything to do with this game running from the demo as opposed to running from a disc?

3. In my opinion, the Player ID is a ‘gimmick’. Yes you want your players to be distinguishable. And yes, they are. Nani does his somersault after scoring goals, Ronaldo has his sick dribbling skills. Welbeck has his shirt pull. Balotelli set his house on fire, and so on.  But these are features that should already be in these games, right?

4. The AI needs a little more tweaking. In at least one game, the CPU playing as Italy had nearly a dozen offsides called…in the second half! Also I noticed that in this year’s iteration, when there are missed goals with balls still in play with the potential for second chances, the AI makes more of an effort to try and play that ball to make another attempt at scoring. Too many times in 2012 (both in FIFA and PES) when you missed goals that sometimes bounced off of the post back into play, forward momentum from the attack seemingly just stopped with no one trying to get on the ball and try again.

5. The controls are the same. But you can pull off some nifty combo moves with a bit of practice.

All in all so far, there looks to be no real difference on the surface with PES 2013 and PES 2012 but while the AI is seemingly getting some tweaks and new moves, PES 2012 is going to need a lot to push FIFA 13 off of the top.  The game is set to release on October 2, 2012.


Demo Links for PC:

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Mirror 3

Demo Link for XBOX:

XBOX Marketplace

Demo Link for PS3:

PS Store

14 thoughts on “PES 2013 Demo Is Now Available For Download: First Impressions Review”

  1. I play pes every night and have completed over 20 seasons on master league (combined) i mainley play against the cpu and so far im pretty happy with it. The tackling system is massively improved on 2012 as it was a major flaw last year i havnt seen the keepers “spazz” yet and the shots seem really solid. The new shooting system is good too when you get the hang of it and is satisfying to know it went in the bottom corner because i chose to put it there and the lob shot is so much better. These are little points but points that drove me mad at times in the last year.

    Bad points are the crowd still seems rubbish and menus and layout, including pre match screens etc too samey but i can live with that with the points mentioned above.

  2. Hmmm dofman exhibiting typicall fifa lovers attitude,,, Makes me wonder why the hardcore FIFA fans google a review on PES2013

    Anywhoo played the Demo myself, and Ive noticed a few differences…

    The shooting system has changed a little bit, seems that if you set up your shot correctly (as opposed to just hitting it whenever) the player absolutley destroys the ball (kicks it at some pace) giving you a bigger opportunity to score screamers easily… (first match I played Pirlo put it in the top corner from around 32M away)

    When the computer is on any difficulty above regular, (I usually play on Professional) they completely shut you out before you can think of what to do next, meaning theyve upped the CPU difficulty which I love as I prefer a challenge where I will have to fight to win the league rather than breeze through with 0 Draws and 0 Loses!

    Passing is a bit more specific to where you point (I play with pass support off so maybe thats just me)

    Menu layout is different but not in the good way, but you can forgive them for trying something different, And it may change as it tells you at the start/end (Cant remember) that it is a work in progress and may not reflect the final version of the game.

    Online will be where it will shine or drown, master league online in PES2012 was very well thought out but the tiny pieces of LAG needs resolved as well as people who quit early, they need punished more than just being paired with other quitters.

    Personally I cannot wait, I get PES every year and since the 2010 and 11 flops, lets be honest it can only get better! Hopefully my review can be looked at and appreciated.


  3. (Excuse my english!) I’ve played the pes since ISS, then, after loose my thumbs with ISS 98, pes was never the same. after 13 years playing pes series, the last year, feelling like a bastard, took my chances with fifa 11. For weeks i tried to find a reasonable argue too keep thinking “pes rulez” but it never happens. Pes 2013 demo Downloaded from the ps store yesterday 9′ o clock. Deleted at 9:23.
    It sucks, but fifa is just, the best soccer game.

    1. Thanks for the comment. For me PES 2012 was epic fail. AI scripting was totally anti-player. The odds always against you. With this am totally for Fifa in 2013.

  4. Yeah, another year, another pes with least possible changes.
    I had a lot of respect for this franchise around 2005 but now the Konami guys just don’t seem excited about this game at all. and that’s how I feel too.
    By the way in my 10 year experience of having games and girls together, I never saw a girl who was interested my gaming gear. Lucky you.

  5. Ok im on PS3. In this PES13, now the keeper will go out and aid for the last second corner kick…..which’s something i thought about for the past decade. The movement of the players seem slower and much natural than the PES12, which means no more PES12 robotic crazy running. Audio is improved, especially the field background sound. BTW, the PES13 should be the last one that developed with the current engine. Konami will be using the new engine to develop the PES14, and may be on next gen playstation or whatsoever.

    However, nevertheless, on the other hand….back to PES13 on ps3…I DO NOT like the new control with the joystick instead of the cross pad for direction input, and there is no opition to change it. It just way too easy to misdirect either goal or passing direction.

    Will see what will happen for this 60 bucks game. Cheer!

  6. Those complaining about the AI on pes12 being anti-player clearly can’t get the hang of it yet. Well,difficulty makes it interesting,challenging and more exciting.I play at top player difficulty,and really am impressed. The tackling’s great. I’m not thinking about getting 13 however. Really don’t see much changes coming in. Pes14 maybe…when it’s out.

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