John Terry Found Not Guilty of Racist Abuse; Plus Adebayor Signs With Spurs, and Liverpool Agrees Fee For Borini

John Terry has been found not guilty of racist abuse, by chief magistrate Howard Riddle at the Westminster Magistrates Court in London.

Riddle said that the issue was not whether Terry is a racist in the “broadest sense of word” since lots of character witnesses said he was not. The issue was whether John Terry said the words as an insult.

Riddle added that the prosecution presented a strong case. He said no doubt that John Terry uttered words, when he did so he was angry. But it was impossible to be sure of what words were spoken.

110 thoughts on “John Terry Found Not Guilty of Racist Abuse; Plus Adebayor Signs With Spurs, and Liverpool Agrees Fee For Borini”

  1. Not surprised about this verdict. Sounded like it was mostly one man’s word against another’s. I don’t doubt that Terry uttered racially abusive insults to Ferdinand but it’s hard to convict without concrete evidence. Hopefully all footballers (not just Terry) learned a valuable lesson though. Even if Terry is determined to be not guilty, he’s still had his name and reputation dragged through the mud and he won’t get that back. In the end, he’ll be punished for this for a long time.

    1. ‘In the end, he’ll be punished for this for a long time.’

      I thought it was innocent until proven guilty? Now he’s been proven innocent you still think he should be punished for this for a long time?

      Punished for what?

      I think the people who have bought this case about and dragged a man’s name through the mud over the last year should be the ones facing some kind of punishment

      1. I didn’t say Terry “should” be punished, I said he “will” be punished. I’m not advocating anything of the sort. This case will follow Terry around for the rest of his life. No matter what the courts say, many will treat him as if he was guilty.

        1. He wasn’t charged with rape! Football moves on very quickly. Terry was England’s best player at the Euros with this hanging over his head. That’s what fans in the UK will reflect upon. It will all be forgotten by Christmas.

          The backlash against Ferdinand will last much longer.

        2. I don’t think Terry will be punished at all, most people will think he’s had to go through enough especially now he has been found innocent.
          I’ll put money on the fact that the crap Ferdinand gets will last a lot longer than any crap Terry gets

      1. There is no burden of proof required for the FA. That is why they have a greater than 99 percent “conviction” rate. It’s a kangaroo court. If Suarez was truly guilty of racial abuse that should have to be proven in court of law.

        1. “It” was meant to be a joke but yes that is what he said which used in context is an insult BASED on color. However morons believe he was just yelling it all day at him in a friendly way right?

          1. I don’t think he was talking to him in a friendly manner. Nor do I think he was racially abusing him. Given that South American players throw terms around in a familiar manner that we as Americans or British wouldn’t, such as referring to skin color, hair color, eye color, etc., in addressing each other, I don’t feel Suarez was treated fairly. I’m still waiting for people to claim Chicharito is racist because he referred to a fellow Mexican player on Twitter as negrito.

            Anyway, I know you and I are never going to agree on this one. So, I’m going to let it go.

          2. I can respect that. However I think many are under the impression that in South America (several countries) the term is acceptable in any context – it is not. I also believe Suarez knew exactly what he was doing and likes to bite people.

      1. Evra claim to have heard Suarez used a slur against him. Evra also doesn’t speak Spanish, and particularly not South American Spanish. Also, none of the other 15 or so players standing around them heard it either.

        1. So how would Evra know what Suarez said to him if he didn’t at least understand what was said?

          You can know some spanish without being able to speak fluently.

          1. Is that serious question? I know a little bit of French, Spanish, and Italian; enough to get around while traveling. I’m not even remotely proficient in any of these.

        2. Check you facts…this is from a Guardian article relating to Evra and Suarez”

          “Mr Evra said that he is not exactly fluent in Spanish but that he can easily converse in Spanish.”

          Although I don’t agree with what Suarez did, I can confirm that in South America the word “negro” is not derogatory. When I lived in Buenos Aires and followed Boca Juniors they had a player from Cameroon and his nickname was “El Negro.”

          Suarez was wrong because he was in England and used the word…not in South America. When in Rome…

          1. Not quite. I can’t believe the number of non-south american posters commenting on the word used and what it means in different context. It is an offensive term when used the way Suarez did. He knew exactly what he was doing and thought he could get off with some sort of ‘lost in translation’ defense – B.S.

            The only thing you got correct was that he was in England and not South America and when in Rome you’re right you don’t yell at people in anger describing their skin color.

      2. terry said b***k C**t that is clear to see by all . that is what he went to trial for, suarez said porque negrito . i have terry isn’t a racist fair enough any kinda half sain person would think so . but both happened on the field in the same manner but the outcomes were far from the same.

        1. Except one what heard in court and one was heard by the FA. If Evra went to the cops said he was racially abused then the out come for Suarez could have been different, but he didn’t.

  2. as you said mekias one mans word against another. Luis suraez vs evra case was one mans word against the next yet suarez was made a scapegoat for the British media to eat into.shame how justice in one case to the next does not serve all.

    1. Terry’s case was reported to the police, Evra’s case wasn’t. The FA had started a case against Terry but once it had gone to a police investigation the FA suspended their case

      The FA could start the case back up now if they feel it is needed

  3. Negrito in spanish is affectionate, certainly not a racist in a Spanish speaking Nation,, But one mans culture language is another mans weapon to shoot them with.. You B… Bast… is certainly racist, Everyone seen it, People sit in jail right now for less, people are fined and in more stress and debt for less. Personally i would not want JT to go to jail for that offence, I want freedon of speech and people to rememeber thje old sticks and stones poems from Nursery daze. But this goes to prove once more that Britain is still run by the old we are civilised they are savages sort of mentallitiy. WE know better than everyone else,.. If a white man with money says it, then its not racists, But anyother social or racial groups say anything, it is.. SHAME ON The WHITEY BLIGHTY… I am ashamed to be British, Thank god i left the hole years agao…

    1. Come off it bee. It was an insult based on color in the context it was used. You said you’re British, what is your family’s background to make such a claim on South American language-culture because it’s completely incorrect – certainly not from South America.

          1. Well it didn’t go both ways for Suarez apparently. And have you ever heard about racial abuse court actions for for referring a person’s white race or stereotypes about white race? E.g. what about “White Men Can’t Jump” movie or “It’s hard to see racism when you’re white” billlboards along major roads in Duluth, MN posted earlier this year?

        1. May have something to do with ‘white men can’t jump’ being an American film and you having you Freedom of Speech laws. It would be interesting to know whether movie makers in the US would bring out a film that was saying black people couldn’t do something though

          1. Seeing how little evidence there is to him actually racially attacking Evra, that Suarez is part black would seemingly be an important thing to notice.

          2. It would be asinine to say someone couldn’t be racist or taunt someone with racial abuse because their grandfather had the same color skin.

            There are hateful people in this world that means nothing. Not to mention there are many people who dislike themselves and/or their own heritage. Sad but true.

          3. I’m completely following, come on it’s you talking. You completely missed the point that just because his grandfather is black doesn’t mean he cannot be a racist or make racist comments. Are you really that dumb?

    2. Ya know…it’s funny that people always argue that you have or want to have ‘freedom of speech’. You have it in spades BUT there is a responsibility that you have for that right. You are free to say what you want but you are also responsible for anything that occurs when exercising said freedom.

      Example here stateside a cop here may lose his job because he said some derogatory things about shooting the first lady.

      Bottom line.

      Think before you speak.

    3. “Negrito in spanish is affectionate” ??? Perhaps – but it is also used in a condescending, chauvinistic way…

  4. Riddle said that the issue was not whether Terry is a racist in the “broadest sense of word” since lots of character witnesses said he was not. The issue was whether John Terry said the words as an insult.
    Wasn’t the same said about Suarez that he isn’t a racist? The difference is that the FA decided that Suarez was being insulting. Pity no one reported Suarez to the police!
    Will the FA be charging Anton now for using insults and derogatory comments against Terry now?

    1. Even more interesting question if FA opened themselves to a huge defamation lawsuit given the way they stripped JT of England captaincy.

      1. And what “way” was that? Did they say Terry was a racist? The FA can do pretty much what they damn well please……..unfortunately.

        1. No they didn’t but but in the announcement FA clearly tied the decision to upcoming trial by saying that Terry would not “captain the England team until the allegations against him are resolved”. They also continued “… this decision has been taken due to the higher profile nature of the England captaincy, on and off the pitch, and the additional demands and requirements expected of the captain leading into and during a tournament.”

          What it means is that JT may be able to successfully argue that FA presumed him guilty therefore unfit to meet “additional demands and requirements expected of the captain leading into and during a tournament” before the trial verdict. In fact it doesn’t even matter if Terry wins the lawsuit should he decide to pursue it. If the judge simply accepts the case it will be a nightmare for FA and a big financial drain.

      2. I’m not sure there will be a lawsuit because as Guy said, the FA can do what they want, whether there will be a call by the public to have Terry returned to England Captain is another matter though

        1. Yes the FA can do what they want … until they are challenged in the court. I think it will pretty much come down to money i.e. if JT lost any endorsement deals as a result of the FA decision. That would give him a bit of incentive to sue and likely to settle for a bundle of cash.

    1. Every man and his dog uses white or black in the UK. It is the norm, the issue in Terry’s case was that it was combined with a swear word or that the colour of a person’s skin was mentioned when it was not needed.

      In other words it’s not the use of black or white, it’s the context.

  5. its funny though an englishman gets away with racism and a latin man get cruisified for saying less hmmmmmm somethings never change

    1. It has already been pointed out that Terry was in court. Suarez was before the FA.

      There is little point in going on trying to compare the two cases. There is absolutely no comparison. Frankly, if Suarez had been in court I think he too would have been found not guilty.

  6. A black man calls another black man black is ok. A white man calls another white man white is ok. A black man calls a white man white is ok. A white man call a black man “black c***” and “f***king knobhead” is ok (as long as he goes to court and can afford an expensive brief), whereas the grandson of a black calls another black “little black man” in spanish (and admits it) is out of order. I’m confused.

  7. The courts must have a lot of free time over there. Imagine being brought into court for saying something stupid. It’s silly stuff.

    1. I would think there is actually very few cases of this type of thing that would get to court as the evidence needed would be such that most cases would never get that far. Terry was on the TV so the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) felt they had sufficient evidence for it to go to court once the matter had been to reported to the police

      1. I get you Pete but I don’t care how much evidence there is. Even if they have an open and shut case it’s pretty silly to bring someone to court for what he said. The taxpayers would be better served it they went after criminals, not people who make stupid comments. This is just a circus.

  8. Looks like racism groups aren’t accepting the decision like Suarez and Liverpool didn’t.
    Should they now be threatened with world wide threats of damaging their brand like they threatened Liverpool with?

  9. Now it’s going to be all about the pre game handshake. Will Anton or even Rio shake Terrys hand when they play. My guess is both will shake terrys hand and that will be the end of it.

    Professional footballers in England are worse than 16 yearl old school girls for drama.

    1. Yeah it is more like “not proven to be guilty as accused”. But it is all the same from the legal point of view.

      1. With the FA giving Suarez an 8 game ban, the FA not acting now puts them in a ridiculous situation, as with the evidence and magistrates observations they should ban him for 8 games, but Ferdinand should also get banned.

        Rooney was banned for 2 games for swearing into the camera, the language used by both players has had far more publicity and has been rubber-stamped by a court as being said. So what is a likely punishment?

    2. When you read the judgement and see what was being said and with the aggression it is said with, John Terry’s story doesn’t add up, much like his excuse for knee the player in the UCL game and getting sent off, the video showed him deliberately kneeing the player and his excuse was, he walked backwards into my knee. him saying “I was repeating what I thought he said” is laughable and the magistrate has recognized its lack of credibility.

      What this has brought to light is that the language used was disgraceful and football has been brought into the shade as a result.

      The key points of the summary on page’s 6 & 7 read

      “There is no doubt the words FBC were directed at Mr Ferdinand.”

      “Mr Terry’s explanation, is certainly under the cold light of forensic examination, unlikely. It is not the most obvious response. It is sandwiched between other undoubted insults.”

      Terry’s barristers did their job, they understand what provisions in the law needed to be met and that even the remotest smallest amount of doubt in any of them would mean that as explained by the judgement, you can’t convict. Even if other elements are glaringly obvious.

      So it turns out that these allegedly draconian laws of an oppressive state regime that threaten the very fabric of of our being, aren’t that at all.

      This leaves me to believe the FA could give Terry a lengthy ban as well as Ferdinand for bringing the game into disrepute… they must have both felt ashamed as their statements of what was said were read back. My advice Read the Judgement.

  10. Why wasn’t Mikel called as a witness he was staring straight at Terry when he shouting the abuse?
    Did he think Terry was being racist?

    1. I guess because it would have been hard to force Mikel to testify against his teammate. Especially in the situation where he couldn’t claim not hearing the interchange the same way De Gea did in the Evra vs Suarez case. Also unlike FA hearing testifying in court bears danger of perjury.

      1. He did hear him he turned round looked at him then turned away from him with a bemused look on his face he heard what Terry said, he could have cleared Terry’s name by backing him up but has been kept quiet!

        1. Agree it probably speaks volumes. What if Mikel heard something that would have sealed Terry’s conviction? Would he have had the guts to bring this up against his teammate and captain given the power Terry wields in the dressing room? Remember in the court hearing it is better not to testify at all than giving half truthful or evasive statements. And Mikel could not possibly hide behind “didn’t hear anything” tactics with all the evidence suggesting otherwise.

  11. I’m gonna look out for someone calling me a white C**t, white Pr**k, or white trash and make sure my case goes to court, we want to have racism treated equally from all sides don’t we?

  12. I hope Ade gets his act together and can be more consistent and clinical in front of goal, not a big fan of this move. Adrian however! bring it on!

    1. Finally something different from the John Terry turned the nice guy topic :) The problem with Adebayor is he is a great player when properly motivated something he wasn’t able to maintain on the consistent basis. In addition if Spurs caved in to his 170k a week wage demands this could severely undermine their existing wage structure and create frictions in the squad.

      1. Bale is on 115k A week which has changed our structure, I think they will give Ade 70k PW but load it with performance based bonuses, if anything. Hulk coming out and saying he is not interested in chelski now is great, it leaves a door open for AVB to work his magic. I also just read Capello has taken the russia job…thoughts?

  13. I don’t see how people can say Ferdinand should be punished as he did nothing wrong. Ferdinand didn’t make the complaint to the police a member of the public did. What Ferdinand said in court after that is irelevant. Was he supposed to lie under oath when asked if he thought he was racialy abused by Terry?

    I’m no lawyer but I willing to bet it wouldn’t have mattered if Ferdinand had said to the CPS he didn’t want to pursue the matter in court they probably could have went ahead with the trial without him, maybe our resident lawyer Pete can confirm if that’s true.

    In no way should Anton Ferdinand be punished or made to be the bad guy in any of this crap.

    1. That depends on what you mean by ‘punished’. Ferdinand probably won’t be punished for anything, not from a legal point of view anyway. The FA may throw both he and Terry a charge of bringing the game into disrepute for swearing on the pitch although I doubt that would happen.

      The court case could certainly have gone ahead if someone other than Ferdinand had reported the matter, even if Ferdinand didn’t want it to go to court, although from what I know, it’s never been said that Ferdinand didn’t want to see the case go to court.

      You mentioned ‘Ferdinand didn’t make the complaint to the police a member of the public did’.

      Do we know that this is true and would Chelsea fans be interested in who bought the case about or just that the case was bought about?

      If you mean punished as in Chelsea fans giving him abuse when QPR play Chelsea, then that’s just football supporters isn’t it. Most people whether Chelsea fans or not think that this case shouldn’t have gone to court and would have been better dealt with by the FA. Now that it has gone to court and Terry has been found innocent, I would expect Chelsea fans to remind Ferdinand of that in their own way, (booing when he gets the ball and that type of thing).

  14. Of course I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Chelsea fans after what they were singing after the incident first happened, hopefully it’s confined to just them though but I can see fans of a lot of teams trying to wind up both Terry and Ferdinand.

    I can see the FA bringing charges against Terry and also finding some way to charge Ferdinand with something aswell.

  15. At school we played local Roman Catholic schools who used to scream “protestant bastards” and other such religious insults going back a thousand years. Which was okay because none of us had ever been near a church so we didn’t understand what they meant. Then they’d scream how they were going to torch our houses and steal our stuff which wasn’t okay and brawls would break out. If you’ve ever experienced the sectarian divide between Celtic and Rangers, the intense rivalry what went on between Ferdinand and Terry would be considered a spirited exchange. Yet we never see the SPL players in court. I played in an embassy league some years ago in Wash DC and in the heat of the moment our centre half from Ethiopia head butted a Somali player from the opposing team into the net because he was convinced the Somali player disrespected Ethiopia. Yet at the end of the game they shook hands.

    Whatever side one comes down on in this issue football is a mans game and abuse on the field / off the field is part and parcel of the game and it’s not going away. If the players can handle it then leave it on the pitch where it belongs.

  16. Am I the only one who cares about the adebayor deal actually getting done?!?! Spurs are fast becoming the best club in north london

  17. I agree that Spurs are definitely assembling a decent squad that could make them formidable. We still have a month and a half before the transfer window closes so let’s see how the other clubs respond. Right now though Spurs seem to be heading in the right direction.

    I think Chelsea and Spurs are going to close the gap between themselves and the Manchester clubs. City and United are still favorites to finish 1 and 2 but their margin for error has been reduced.

  18. This thread is a perfect example of how divisive John Terry is. Look how everyone is tearing into everyone else. I can’t imagine that the locker-room is much different. Terry has been and will forever be controversial. You either love him or hate him, there is no middle ground.

    I just wish that “nonesense” would stop with his self ingratiating use of the “thumbs” so that we could get an accurate look at how everyone feels on each response.

  19. Please explain? If I put a thumbs down to something I think deserves it what business is it of yours? Last time I checked in a day I could only vote once. So stop pretending that others don’t share my same opinion and give you a thumbs down quite frequently.

    Stop taking those v_i_agra pills. You’ve had an e__rec/tion for me for over 5 hours – time to consult a doctor.

    You have to be the oldest, corniest, off-topic troll that roams this site.

    1. First, I have no issue with anyone using the thumbs…up or down. In fact, I encourage everyone to express their opinions…that’s what this blog is all about. The problem I have with you is that you vote every time you visit the site and thus skew the actual perspective on an individual topic. This is not Chicago where you are encouraged to “vote early and vote often.” Personally, I don’t vote.

      Second, the only person who may have a hard on for you might be Gerry Sandusky. Ooops, another off topic remark in response to your off topic remark.

      Third, “Please explain?” is a statement and not a question. Most posters here are able to discern what is said without needing an additional explanation.

      Fourth, I usually don’t like to make personal attacks, but for you I make an exception. One thing that I detest are people that take themselves too seriously.

      Fifth, I don’t need artificial stimulants…I do just fine without them…even at my much advanced age.

  20. You’ve proved my point. Take themselves too seriously – coming from the guy who makes grammar corrections in the comment section of a blog. You do have a hard on for me because of your off topic comments you post for me constantly. I think you really believe you said something in that post – you didnt and you’re a joke. Your thumbs down came yesterday, I cant give more than one thumbs down per day. Probabably based on IP, am I missing something. Please enlightem me so I can give you a hundred thumbs down a day!

    So as you can clearly see you get thumbs down from others. Why wouldn’t you, you’re a TROLL!

      1. You’ll have to teach me how to give 13 thumbs down on one day in minutes. I thought it was based on IP and you could only vote once. Isn’t a shame you accusing me of what you do and I didn’t think possible.

    1. “Please enlightem me so I can give you a hundred thumbs down a day!”

      I’ll check back at the end of October… 😛

      1. I understand when you get into the sunset years of your life you have more time on your hands but really, voting 13 or 100 x’s in a day. Pretty sad man. LOVE the wheel chair avitar!

        I wonder if you know what you’re typing sometimes because your jokes have to be some of the worst on the site. Stay on topic.

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