Spain vs France, Euro 2012 Quarterfinal: Open Thread

Spain vs France: 2:45pm ET
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Many soccer fans will be salivating over today’s match between France and Spain. If you like your soccer served on a platter of attractive football, with the ball skimming the grass for the majority of the game, this could end up being one of the most entertaining matches of the Euro 2012 tournament. Both teams play a similar style of football, so it’s a wonderful test to see how both nations match up on the soccer pitch.

As usual, before, during or after today’s match, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below. This promises to be a classic!

34 thoughts on “Spain vs France, Euro 2012 Quarterfinal: Open Thread”

  1. I’m pleased Spain are playing the 4-6-0, the hand against Italy was great to watch, defenders don’t know how to deal with it. This could be very embarrassing for France, Spain could win 4-0.

  2. Guy
    You just can’t say no to a gal that is so proud of her country to bring a flag to the match so i will fall in and wait for orders.upset Saturday France 2 Spain 1

    1. Oh, jtm, you are in dreamland………on both counts! 😀

      Quixote wins this one without too much stress……3-1

      1. Guy
        Seems a little harsh in your reply.99.9% of the watchers are picking Quixote somebody has to pull for the Cyrano. I will be the salmon swimming upstream and you are right on the other point it is dreamland but it is fun to dream. when you get to our ages whatever it takes to see the next sunrise.

  3. Koscielny was pretty decent back at FC Lorient a couple years back but does not seem to have grown as a player – looked extremely ragged in the 4 or 5 Arsenal matches I saw last year. I think United lit them up for something like 7 or 8 goals in one of them.

  4. The atmosphere/crowd at the game is not good. Huge sections are empty, it’s st weird, you can hear the helicopter above the crowd noise.

  5. okay okay the job just got tougher hold Spain scoreless for 70 mins and France needs to score twice with a defensive squad.

  6. David silva is a freak, his movement on and off the ball is just ridiculous, he is without a doubt the most decisive player on that squad, the epl has really improved his game.

  7. I don’t understand Spain. They complain about teams parking the bus but whenever the opposing team got the ball and is on the attack, Spain puts 10 men behind the ball.

    How come Ben Arfa is not playing?

  8. I really dont like how these quarterfinals have gone, 1 really dominant team controlling the possession and shots, and another playing strictly on the counter makes for a really boring game. Unfortunately for us the most evenly matched game features two of the most defensive teams.

  9. Did the French not watch the Croats play an (almost) perfect game v. Spain?

    They are still in it, but the Spaniards are playing in 2nd gear, and still winning with ease.

    David Silva, what else can you say about him? What a key player he is for this side.

    Had my misgivings about Spain playing without a striker again, but, Del Bosque knows what he is doing. He will put in Torres with 30 minutes in to exploit the open space if still 1:0.

    I like Llorente. I hope he gest a chance but it it’s hard for a striker to get a shot at a team that plays without a striker.

    Flipped to GolTV at half time. Another Frenchman, Trezzeguet, just missed a penalty for River Plate late in the 2nd half in the 2nd Argentinian league. River up 1:0.

    1. Cause, you know, Lumberjack United, is a joy to watch. Can’t put two passes together. At least Roy got them playing w/ 9 men behind the goal, hoping for Shrek to come through once a blue moon.

      At least the misery ends tomorrow.

      1. So you didn’t see Spain with everyone behind the ball?
        Let’s play with no forwards pack the middle so we can play 3 yard passes until everyone is asleep.
        It’s not for me, I expect to be able to stay awake while I watch a game

    2. Something makes me so happy when Busquets gets dispossessed, begins writhing on the ground, and the ref just looks at him.

  10. Every time the French have the ball, they are rushing it and not creating good chances. I understand you need to be on the counter vs. Spain but the French need to be more calm, creative and calculated when they have the ball. Amazing how the Croatians put up much better chances than the French have so far.

    1. Hes been AWFUL this game. This whole tourny actually, he just racked up alot of nonthreatening shots vs England. Ribery is the only one playing.

  11. This game should be an instant classic for just how much of a mindless yarn this is. 0-0 draws are more exciting

  12. where the hell do i go to get those 90 minutes back what a lack of interest from both sides.France has to attack they are behind oh i forgot they surrendered at halftime but did not tell the rest of us.on to the Three Lions!

  13. Spain plays like North Carolina did under Dean Smith. A four corner offense where they kept the ball and the other team would chase or just sit back. Thankfully the shot clock came into college hoops. Spain has all this talent yet they don’t look to score.

  14. I understand why it seems like everyone is upset with Spain. Of course i wanted Spain to lose but this team is just better than everyone else. Germany is the 2nd best team and theyre not even close to Spain. Does everyone remember the semis two yrs ago it was as bad as this game. Spain is just like Barca, it will take a team with an incredible game plan, and alot of luck to beat this team. I really dont understand why people dont say that Xavi is the best player in the world because he dictates the pace of every game i really think hes one of the all time greats of the game.

  15. Spain has turned into Barcelona without Messi. It makes me so sad.

    One thing that has baffled me is the decision to start Busquets as opposed to fabregas/torres. Does anyone understand the possible reasoning?

  16. Everyone in Spain is upset with Del Bosche for playing both Busquets and Alonso because they are both defensive midfielders. The manager wants to protect the middle of the defense as he doesn’t have too much trust in the Pique-Ramos partnership.

    Spain do not look unbeatable anymore and I think Portugal might give them a good run if they attack and with the likes of Ronaldo and Nani they might just do it. In a friendly recently Portugal hammered Spain 4-0 so at least they’ll go in with some confidence and know that Spain can be beat. Should be a good game.

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