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Germany vs Portugal, Euro 2012: Open Thread

germany portugal tiff Germany vs Portugal, Euro 2012: Open Thread

Germany is always a joy to watch. They’re a well-respected team around the globe, and play with such a purpose and confidence that is lacking in other teams (cough, cough, England). In their opening Euro 2012 game today, they come up against a Portugal side that has been a shambles in the friendlies before the tournament. Yes, they have Cristiano Ronaldo, but will he be enough to turn around this Portugese side?

Today’s match is a perfect opportunity for Portugal to get revenge on Germany. If you remember, Portugal lost to Germany in the Euro 2008 quarter-final. Plus, Portugal lost to Germany in the World Cup 2006 third place match.

Before, during and after today’s Germany versus Portugal match, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

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15 Responses to Germany vs Portugal, Euro 2012: Open Thread

  1. Fabio says:

    Come on Portugal!

  2. Dust says:

    This virtual table is the best thing espn have brought over from the UK.

    C’MON Portugal!

  3. CH says:

    Time to watch the magical Ozil one of the top 5 playmakers in the world.

  4. jtm371 says:

    The Huns 3 Portugal 1!

  5. Pete says:

    Bring it on, looking forward to this one

    Come on Portugal

  6. Dust says:

    Germans doing a great job of boxing out the Portuguese, Ronaldo will need to drop deeper to get the ball if he is going to be effective.

  7. Pete says:

    If Germany have any hope of winning this then they’re going to have tom play better than this, they look very average to me

  8. Pete says:

    Wow talk about over-hyped, Germany will be lucky to get out of the group let alone win it. Average is being kind to this German team

  9. Ivan says:

    For those of you who flipped to Gol TV at half-time, you probably saw Messi score twice on Brazil’s U-23 team. Sublime! I don’t believe Messi belongs to the human species. We have to wait another 2,000 years for someone like him.

    Very open and entertaining game (unlike Portugal/Germany borefest).

  10. Dust says:

    What is up with the poor refereeing in the tournament? No way was that a free kick.

  11. Pete says:

    Same old lucky Germany, sucked for most of the game and manage to scrape a win.
    No chance of winning this tourney

  12. Andrei says:

    “Typical Germans”. They don’t always play well but in the end they get the win.

  13. dust says:

    portugal win and holland win the group is wide open

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