Russia vs Czech Republic, Euro 2012: Open Thread

Russia vs Czech Republic: 2:45pm ET kick-off
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The second match of Euro 2012 kicks off with Russia playing against Czech Republic, in the second match of Group A. After an eventful Group A match between Poland and Greece, both Russia and Czech Republic will be hoping to get crucial points to increase the chances of going through to the next round.

Here are the starting teams:

Russia: Malafeev; Anyukov, Berezutskiy, Ignashevich, Zhirkov; Shirikov, Denisov, Zyryanov; Dzagoev, Kerzhakov, Arshavin

Czech Republic: Cech, Gebre Selassie, Sivok, Hubnik, Kadlec; Plasil, Jiracek; Rezek, Rosicky, Pilar; Baros

Before, during and after today’s match, post your questions, observations, rants and raves in the comments section below.

38 thoughts on “Russia vs Czech Republic, Euro 2012: Open Thread”

  1. It looks like the rain is going to influence this match. This may level the playing field for the Czechs.

    I’m also very excited to see Alan Dzagoev today. I’ve read a lot about the promise he shows.

  2. Keller and Davide rae? Wht happened to Tyler and Andy gray and the other exclusive ppl espn used to get? someone inform me

  3. Fantastic goal. Russians turned it on from the run of play and glad to see it was Dzagoev with the goal.
    Also amazing to see someone smuggled a flair into the stadium with all of the security.

    1. It’s Kasey Keller, not John Harkes. And Keller is doing a fine job, in my opinion. What did Keller say that makes him appalling?

      The Gaffer

      1. He was dribbling utter nonsense for the first 10 minutes. To be fair he has gotten better as the game has gone on.

  4. Good counter attack goal for Russia, Czech’s need to play their passing game, they should get back in this game by half time as long as their left back remembers to defend.

  5. Looking very good so far! Last time Russia kicked around the Czechs this badly it was 1968 and there were a couple of tank divisions involved!

        1. Neither Pavluchenko nor Arshavin look particularly lazy in this game. Maybe it is a matter of competent manager?

          1. Sure it’s wenger and redknapp not the joke that was the cech defense. It’s the opening game, lots of football left, Russia could loose the next 2 and go out… You never know.

  6. Wow, pav twisting up a D lol, That defending was just terrible, such a shame for the Czechs, great win for the big bear nation!

  7. And this group was supposed to be dull! 2 top games already, makes you hope UEFA don’t stick with the switch to 24 nations for Euro 2016…

  8. Russia allowed the Czechs to get back into the game which is concerning going forward but no one can deny that their ball movement, link-up play, and scoring is filled with class. As expected, Russia look to be the powerhouse of this group and look set to go up against whoever finishes 2nd in Group B which could be either a Netherlands rematch from 08 or a battle with Portugal.

    I also must say that Arshavin and Pavulychenko look very content playing away from England and back in their home country. Arshavin was turning back the clock to 08 with some of those dribbling moves and clinical passes.

  9. Russia looks dangerous Put a Russian shirt on Arshavin and he’s attacking dynamite. Enjoyed watching those balls flying into Cech’s net. Bad day for keepers that play for big London clubs.

  10. Chechs allowed Russia to play their game and paid for that the same way Netherlands did in 08. I don’t think next two games will as easy for Russians though and Poland is always ‘specially motivated’ when playing Russia. But you cannot deny they Russian team looked good. They have plenty of quality players and are well managed.

  11. Czechs were too open and their paid for it, Russia played well, everytime they went forward they looked like scoring

    I didn’t mind Keller today on PBP, I thought he and Rae did well together. I thought Ballack wasn’t good in the studio though, seemed nervous

  12. Hey gaffer, why don’t you open an instant chat window instead of posts like this, it will be more fun and definitely more people will join. Just saying….

  13. Can I say something that’s not related to the game? It amazes me how Dirk Kuyt managed to get into the Netherlands national team? He only scored about one goal in every four league appearances for Liverpool and he wasn’t that good of a finisher either. It amazed me seeing him on the pitch for the World Cup final. Forget him, how did Lucas Leiva manage to get even one cap for Brazil? And are you sure Sandro Ranieri of Spurs is Brazilian? His reckless tackling and awful passing, as evidenced recently against Sunderland, make me believe otherwise.

    It’s amazing how rubbish players manage to get into their national teams. What is it about them that makes their national team coaches pick them time and time again? When they haven’t made any improvements technically at the club level and are more likely to be journeymen in their club careers then actually part of the team? Look at Bilyaletdinov. He wanted playing time at Everton so he could play for his national team, but he’s so sh*t that David Moyes had to get rid off him and send him back to his communist homeland. He didn’t even start for his team.

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