Euro 2012 TV Schedule For US, UK and Canada

With Euro 2012 kicking off, here’s the list of live TV coverage for all the matches of the tournament, for your convenience. With this amount of coverage, you may be better off than some of those heading to Eastern Europe this summer!

All times Eastern except where noted.

United States

Friday, June 8:

Poland v Greece, 12pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Ian Darke/Steve McManaman)

Russia v Czech Republic, 2:45pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Derek Rae/Kasey Keller)

Saturday, June 9:

Netherlands v Denmark, 12pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Adrian Healey/Robbie Mustoe)

Germany v Portugal, 2:45pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Rae/Keller)

Sunday, June 10:

Spain v Italy, 12pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Darke/McManaman)

Ireland v Croatia, 2:45pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Healey/Mustoe)

Monday, June 11:

France v England, 12pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Darke/McManaman)

Ukraine v Sweden, 2:45pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Rae/Keller)

Tuesday, June 12:

Greece v Czech Republic, 12pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Healey/Mustoe)

Poland v Russia, 2:45pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Rae/Keller)

Wednesday, June 13:

Denmark v Portugal, 12pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Healey/Mustoe)

Netherlands v Germany, 2:45pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Darke/McManaman)

Thursday, June 14:

Italy v Croatia, 12pm, ESPN2/ Deportes (commentators: Rae/Taylor Twellman)

Spain v Ireland, 2:45pm, ESPN2/ Deportes (commentators: Darke/McManaman)

Friday, June 15:

Ukraine v France, 12pm, ESPN2/ Deportes (commentators: Rae/Twellman)

Sweden v England, 2:45pm, ESPN2/ Deportes (commentators: Healey/Mustoe)

Saturday, June 16:

Czech Republic v Poland, 2:45pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Rae/Twellman)

Greece v Russia, 2:45pm, ESPN2/; ESPN Deportes at 5:30 pm (commentators: Healey/Mustoe)

Sunday, June 17:

Portugal v Netherlands, 2:45pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Darke/McManaman)

Denmark v Germany, 2:45pm, ESPN2/; ESPN Deportes at 5:30 pm (commentators: Healey/Mustoe)

Monday, June 18:

Croatia v Spain, 2:45pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Rae/Twellman)

Italy v Ireland, 2:45pm, ESPN2/; ESPN Deportes at 5:30 pm (commentators: Healey/Mustoe)

Tuesday, June 19:

England v Ukraine, 2:45pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: Darke/McManaman)

Sweden v France, 2:45pm, ESPN2/; ESPN Deportes at 5:30 pm (commentators: Rae/Twellman)

Thursday, June 21:

Portugal vs Czech Republic, 2:45 pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: TBD)

Friday, June 22:

Greece vs Germany, 2:45 pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: TBD)

Saturday, June 23:

France vs Spain, 2:45 pm, ESPN2/ Deportes (commentators: TBD)

Sunday, June 24:

Italy vs England, 2:45 pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: TBD)

Wednesday, June 27:

Portugal vs Spain/France, ESPN2/ Deportes (commentators: TBD)

Thursday, June 28:

Germany vs Italy/England, 2:45 pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: TBD)

Sunday, July 1:

Euro 2012 final, semifinal winners, 2:45 pm, ESPN/ Deportes (commentators: TBD)



Friday, June 8

Poland vs Greece, 11:30am, TSN

Russia vs Czech Republic, 2:30pm, TSN

Saturday, June 9

Holland vs Denmark, 11:30am, TSN2

Germany vs Portugal, 2:30pm, TSN2

Sunday, June 10 

Spain vs Italy, 11:30am, TSN

Ireland vs Croatia, 2:30pm, TSN

Monday, June 11

France vs England, 11:30am, TSN

Ukraine vs Sweden, 2:30pm, TSN

Tuesday, June 12

Greece vs Czech Republic, 11:30am, TSN

Poland vs Russia, 2:30pm, TSN

Wednesday, June 13

Denmark vs Portugal, 11:30am, TSN

Holland vs Germany, 2:30pm, TSN

Thursday, June 14

Italy vs Croatia, 11:30am, TSN

Spain vs Ireland, 2:30pm, TSN

Friday, June 15

Ukraine vs France, 11:30am, TSN

Sweden vs England, 2:30pm, TSN

Saturday, June 16

Greece vs Russia, 2pm, TSN

Czech Republic vs Poland, 2pm, TSN2

Sunday, June 17

Denmark vs Germany, 2pm, CTV

Portugal vs Holland, 2pm, TSN

Monday, June 18

Italy vs Ireland, 2pm, TSN

Croatia vs Spain, 2pm, TSN2

Tuesday, June 19

England vs Ukraine, 2pm, TSN

Sweden vs France, 2pm, TSN2

Thursday, June 21

Quarterfinal #1, 2pm, TSN

Friday, June 22

Quarterfinal #2, 2pm, TSN

Saturday, June 23

Quarterfinal #3, 2pm, TSN

Sunday, June 24

Quarterfinal #4, 2pm, TSN

Wednesday, June 27

Semifinal #1, 2pm, TSN

Thursday, June 28

Semifinal #2, 2pm, TSN

Sunday, July 1

Final, 2pm, TSN


United Kingdom

Breaking down the group fixtures into the different broadcasters, ITV will be showing 13 group matches while the BBC has 11 group games. For the knockout stage, the BBC will have first choice of the quarter-finals. Then ITV will pick the next two best fixtures while BBC will broadcast the final quarter-final clash.

The BBC will then show both semi-finals with both stations broadcasting the final on July 1st.

ITV will be showing England first and last group games against France and Ukraine respectively. The BBC has Roy Hodgson’s men second game against Sweden. ITV will show the Republic of Ireland’s first two games, against Croatia and Spain before the BBC broadcast their final group match against Italy.

Here is how you can watch Euro 2012 fixtures with British kick-off times included:

Friday, June 8

Poland vs Greece, 5pm BST, BBC

Russia vs Czech Republic, 7:45pm BST, ITV

Saturday, June 9

Holland vs Denmark, 5pm BST, BBC

Germany vs Portugal, 7:45pm BST, BBC

Sunday, June 10

Spain vs Italy, 5pm BST, ITV

Ireland vs Croatia, 7:45pm BST, ITV

Monday, June 11

France vs England, 5pm BST, ITV

Ukraine vs Sweden, 7:45pm BST, BBC

Tuesday, June 12

Greece vs Czech Republic, 5pm BST, ITV

Poland vs Russia, 7:45pm BST, ITV

Wednesday, June 13

Denmark vs Portugal, 5pm BST, ITV

Holland vs Germany, 7:45pm BST, BBC

Thursday, June 14

Italy vs Croatia, 5pm BST, BBC

Spain vs Ireland, 7:45pm BST, ITV

Friday, June 15

Ukraine vs France, 5pm BST, ITV

Sweden vs England, 7:45pm BST, BBC

Saturday, June 16

Greece vs Russia, 5pm BST, BBC

Poland vs Czech Republic, 7:45pm BST, BBC

Sunday, June 17

Portugal vs Holland, 5pm BST, ITV

Denmark vs Germany, 7:45pm BST, ITV

Monday, June 18

Croatia vs Spain, 5pm BST, BBC

Italy vs Ireland, 7:45pm BST, BBC

Tuesday, June 19

Sweden vs France, 5pm BST, ITV

England vs Ukraine, 7:45pm BST, ITV

Thursday June 21

Quarterfinal #1, 7:45pm BST, BBC or ITV

Friday, June 22

Quarterfinal #2, 7:45pm BST, BBC or ITV

Saturday, June 23

Quarterfinal #3, 7:45pm BST, BBC or ITV

Sunday, June 24

Quarterfinal #4, 7:45pm BST, BBC or ITV

Wednesday, June 27

Semifinal #1, 7:45pm BST, BBC

Thursday, June 28

Semifinal #2, 7:45pm BST, BBC

Sunday, July 1

Final, 7:45pm BST, BBC & ITV

15 thoughts on “Euro 2012 TV Schedule For US, UK and Canada”

  1. Do we know if the games will be “live only” on ESPN 3 or will we be able to rewatch them later? This could save my DVR from exhaustion!

  2. The master of commentary makes his grand return to US tv tomorrow. Derek Rae has a big game commentary voice and his diction paints a picture. Cant wait to hear the best in the world again.

  3. So, I just checked my ESPN listings for the next 24 hours hoping to see some programming before the 8:30 program start, for the 9am kick off, perhaps there would be some kind of euro 2012 show that profiled the tournament, the teams, players upcoming games, maybe some pundit predictions. Nothing! Nada! Zip! Just the 30 min pregame. ESPN puts more effort into the NHL regular season, that’s just messed up. Was hoping it would be more comprehensive, I guess it’s back to satellite direct for the BBC and ITV coverage.

    1. Dust, per ESPN’s press release:

      For the first time, ESPN English-language matches for UEFA EURO 2012 will have pregame, halftime and postgame studio segments. On pregame: Teams walking onto the pitch, the national anthems and ceremonial handshakes – all symbolic traditions of signature international soccer competitions.

      They’ll also have — EURO 2012 Tonight: A 30-minute, news, highlights and analysis program recapping the days match and looking ahead to the next day. 19 editions of the program will air on match-days across ESPN and ESPN2, and at a consistent time (12 – 12:30 a.m. ET) on ESPNEWS.


      ESPN/ESPN2 will have:
      15-minute pregame, halftime and a postgame shows in round robin phase
      30-minute pregame shows in the elimination rounds (quarterfinals, semifinals and final)
      SportsCenter will air in-between matches on weekdays with two match windows.

      The Gaffer

    2. what link are you talking about. I am very interested in FIS Alpine Skiing in the Fall winter and looking for some link to watch in on line

  4. Thanks for the update, I’m pleased to see they will have extra wrappings with each game, that’s great. I was just hoping for a little more effort more akin to the MNF pre show, not for every game, but the opening ceremony and for the semis on up is all.

  5. Three cheers for the end of Kasey Keller diminishing our football viewing joy. He is poor in a very different way than how John Harkes is poor. Keller at least seems like a decent human being, but he does not use complete sentences very often and he emits three or four rambling, cliched phrases sounding very much like a little boy in his bedroom pretending to be a sports announcer. I used to do it myself.

    Keller falls into the trap of most American soccer commentators. They simply restate what has just happened in a very banal and unsophisticated way as though to a slow-witted child who is listening to the match on the radio. Then, while something truly interesting is happening in the match, Keller, Harkes and their ilk are still blathering on about their “take” on what we already watched and would like to forget about.

    But thanks Kasey, really, for telling me that Poland “need to do a better job getting the ball out of their own half if they want to create good scoring opportunities against this Russian team.” Are you kidding me?

    Or after a player has sprinted the length of the pitch to get his head onto a screaming cross only to watch the ball sail over the bar, Keller says, “I would have liked to have seen him direct that ball down a little better than he did.” Yes.

    Most viewers, I suspect, shun the “mute” button — although we joke about engaging it — because we enjoy the crowd noise and other sounds of the match. So we are genuinely at a loss about what to do when the Kellers of the broadcasting world share their views incessantly, using eight to ten sentences where one should do. But then I’m thinking, he is being paid to speak so he must speak. Therefore, it’s not really Kasey’s fault, is it? It is the fault of whoever made it possible for him to be in the booth for an important and normally joyous football occasion. Who is that man? I would like him to know that millions of us have over the decades paid our dues to the beautiful game and do not deserve to be treated so shabbily and thoughtlessly.

    Another unfortunate fallout of a Keller or Harkes situation — and this truly is sad and troubling — is that the otherwise talented and experienced British commentator seems to dumb down his own commentary when paired with an American. It is as though he feels shackled to the earth so is unable to soar in the typical way. Individuals who know more than I about human psychology would need to tackle that one.

    So it’s Taylor Twellman next? Good news Mr. Twellman; the bar has been laid on the ground for you to nonchalantly step over.


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