England Needs to Play Ugly to Stand Any Chance at Euro 2012

In the final days before Euro 2012 kicks off, questions abound over how far England can realistically go this summer. As the injuries continue to mount, optimism steadily decreases over England’s chances.

Yet, could lowered expectations work in England’s favor?

In past Euro and World Cup tournaments, the amount of buzz surrounding England has always been incredibly high with media sensationalism. Yet, with all the hype of golden era of the 2000s, it’s fair to say that while the English were filled with superstar talent and promise, they just weren’t good enough to win.

As England approaches Euro 2012, expectations just aren’t as high under Roy Hodgson. Most fans would scoff at the notion of England actually really having any chance of winning Euro 2012 due to lowered enthusiasm from past failures.

However, after years of experience on both the domestic and international, Hodgson has a plan that has found him success before. Instead of playing attractive, possession-oriented football, Hodgson has signaled change with conservative tactics that call for rigidity over style.

Rather than playing creative, free-flowing football that Spain and the Netherlands thrive on, England has no choice but to defend and play for the counter. It won’t be easy, but perhaps this strategy will play to the strength of the Three Lions.

The decision to play unattractive, boring football will not be met favorably by many in England. The press will lambast it and argue that Hodgson’s oversimplified tactics will set the team backwards. The quality of the football played by England would be low enough for critics and disgruntled supporters to complain that Hodgson and the Football Association are just playing it too safe.

Yet, despite the complaints, England won’t simply care as long as they get positive results like they did against Belgium and Norway. Even though they were out-played in midfield by inferior teams who created for more chances than they did, Hodgson will be cautiously optimistic that his strategy can work.

There are reasons why England should continue to play as ugly as they did in their friendly matches. First off, this strategy defines who Hodgson is. While it isn’t the most pleasing to look at, Hodgson’s tactics are easy enough to learn for players who have only been under him for mere weeks. Time is a luxury England doesn’t have so easy-to-learn conservative tactics is quick enough for the players to adapt too and develop a rapport with each other.

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