How Optimistic Are You About England’s Chances At Euro 2012? [POLL]

England, oh England, a country so great. Or is it?

After beating Belgium 1-0 at Wembley, England now finds itself ready for Euro 2012. However, the question marks about John Terry and Gary Cahill’s injury problems still hangs over their heads, with Cahill suffering a suspected broken jaw that could rule him out of Euro 2012, and with Rio Ferdinand touted as a replacement.

Injuries aside, however, I’d like you to answer a simple poll question regarding how optimistic you are about England’s chances at Euro 2012. There are three polls to choose from. Only choose the one for the country where you reside.

Feel free to share your wisdom in the comments section below.

18 thoughts on “How Optimistic Are You About England’s Chances At Euro 2012? [POLL]”

  1. England have a decent chance to get out of what’s probably the weakest group, but by then I expect at least one of if not both of Parker and Gerrard to be injured and they’ll go out to the first half decent team they come up against.

  2. The final results aren’t in, but as I suspected, the fans from England (well, Britain in this case) are the most pessimistic about England’s chances at Euro 2012. In the United States and rest of the world, soccer fans are more optimistic about England’s chances.

    What does that tell us? Do England fans tend to be overly pessimistic and critical about most things in life, including the England national team? Are Americans and people from the rest of the world more positive and optimistic in general? Have England fans living in Britain been burned too many times by having their hopes raised about England, only for them to come crashing down time and time again?

    As an aside, I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about my favorite rock band, The Cult, and how I wrote a fanzine about the band for 6-7 years. In the message forums when fans from around the world are talking about the band (and new album or new tour), the British fans are almost the most negative and critical about the band, while the Americans are always the most positive and optimistic.

    Is it perhaps a trait of Americans to be more optimistic about the England national team than English fans themselves?

    The Gaffer

    1. As someone commented on the BBC play-by-play yesterday, the English fans are very whingy.

      Soccer fans in general, at least the ones online, tend to overly critical the world over. US fans at Bigsoccer are notoriously underwhelmed.

  3. One more thing. Most times when the topic of the England national team’s chances in Euro 2012 is raised by either soccer fans from England or on podcasts such as Football Weekly or radio programmes on TalkSport, there’s laughter.

    In my opinion, the England national team does not get the respect they deserve. But to be fair, the England national team needs to earn the respect of the nation. A convincing win against France could slowly begin to turn the tide.

    The Gaffer

    1. Convincing wins will turn the tide of public opinion here in England. People will slowly start to think ‘oh… hang on a minute…’, but until then we’ll continue to be pessimistic because we don’t expect anything other than to go out at the earliest possible moment. We’re not very patriotic over here either so that doesn’t really help matters much when polls are conducted regarding the national side. You know there’s not much to shout about when people still go on about the win in 1966! 😉

    2. The other problem is English people tend to look down at other countries for whatever reasons, and therefore expect England to crush everybody who isn’t Germany or Italy, and now France and Spain. A 1-0 win against Belgium is therefore seen as kind of a failure because it wasn’t 5-0, because the Belgians are so small and puny and talk different.

      Slaven Bilic tried to point out once to England that even small countries like Croatia can field a dang good football team and that England can’t expect to just beat the Croatias of the world so easily, if at all. Good football is played the world over.

  4. How on earth does anyone expect this England squad to do anything when they have six players from Liverpool in it, more than any other club. Says it all really.

    Gerard is in decline.
    Carroll (had one decent season at Newcastle and has been woeful ever since)
    Downing (really?)
    Johnson (any winger with pace will trouble him)
    Henderson (had a shocker of a season but still chosen after Lampard’s injury; why?)
    Kelley (last minute replacement for Cahill and is Liverpool’s backup right back; not ready for the international level)

    1. With regard to Martin Kelly in particular – I’m sick of hearing people complain, saying young up for it hungry players should be brought into the England squad so when Roy does just that he still can’t win because it seems you just can’t be a young up for it hungry… Liverpool player!

      Forget club colours for a second they don’t count during the summer months of an international tournament! Martin Kelly could be great for England, give him a bloody chance!

  5. I guess we now know for sure that Rio Ferdinand was left out for footballing reasons when Kelly is chosen to replace the injured center back Cahill. What a joke. How long before the England fans chant “Hodgson for Liverpool”

    1. Richards was injured, Ferdinand hasn’t played much this season and seems to be a walking injury. I don’t know about this kid Kelly being bought in, my only thought is that Hodgson intends to play Terry and Lescott and the only way any other centre back will see any time is if one of those two are injured. If that’s the case then it’s no good dragging Ferdinand along to sit on the bench, especially with what I’ve already said about being a walking injury.
      What I can’t understand is why the young Tottenham Right back isn’t in the team, young EPL player of the year and can’t make the squad?

      As far as England’s chances, I expect them to do what they always do, QF’s or SF’s and then out. People in this country know better than to look beyond that. I do expect them to get out of the group though.

  6. No Kyle Walker, No Adam Johnson, that could be a big mistake.

    Lampard out
    Wilshere out
    Cahill out
    Rooney out for the first 2 games

    Hodgson can’t do much about the injuries but if we don’t get out of the group, this may be a very short England career for old Roy

  7. One of the following four is quite unlike the other three. Can you spot the difference:

    A. Tide comes in, tide goes out
    B. The Sun rises from the East
    C. Overhyped England ALWAYS suck in international tournaments
    D. Dukakis wins the US Presidential election in 2012

  8. i am not a huge fan of football but the Euro’s always get me interested. i seem to support England everytime but thats because they do ok
    i agree with people who say England fans put their own side down because the current England squad are good
    they made the quarter finals last time and were unlucky with some decisions in their last match that year but they have good players like scott parker, steven gerrard, glen johnston etc plus they have a goalkeeper who arguably is one of the best goalkeepers out there today. People need to just believe in the team and also realise that we might not be the best side it Euro 2012 but at least we arent the worst.

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