Tottenham Hotspur’s Summer 2012 Transfer Targets

So despite finishing fourth in the Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur will miss out on Champions League football because Chelsea won it all in Munich. Because they will only be playing in the Europa League, the strategy for this summer’s transfer dealings will have to be less ambitious then they will have hoped.

Had they been playing Champions League football next season, Tottenham probably would have been able to hold on to Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. Now, one if not both of them will most likely depart for pastures new and Spurs will have to look to the transfer market to fill the void that their departures will create.

As a replacement for Modric, Tottenham may go after playmaker Dorlan Pabon. The midfielder, who plays in Colombia for Atletico Nacional, has attracted attention from Malaga, Marseille, Porto, Roma and Udinese. Should Modric leave, he could be the answer to Spurs’ problem and an offer of around £7 million could see him playing at White Hart Lane come August.

A more tried and tested option would be to go after Clint Dempsey. The American midfielder has proven his Premier League worth at Fulham and now may seek out a fresh challenge, not to mention higher wages and the chance to play alongside more illustrious colleagues. He may not be a like-for-like replacement though, as he plays in a more advanced role than Modric.

Gareth Bale’s boots will be harder to fill. When they thought they would be playing in the Champions League, Spurs were planning a swoop for Lille winger Eden Hazard. Tottenham was believed to be in advanced talks with the Ligue 1 Player of the Year, but now that deal looks like it may fall through.

Milos Krasic’s name was another being bandied about in Tottenham transfer talk. The Serbian winger can play on both flanks, ideal for Redknapp who loves to let his players roam around. Krasic’s style of play means he would fit right in to the system, but again the question must be raised: why would a player leave a Champions League club (not to mention Serie A champions) for a team only playing in the Europa League?

While Spurs do have depth at the centre-half position, they are far from assured at the back. William Gallas, while still a very useful player, is the wrong side of 30, and the fitness of both Michael Dawson and Ledley King is a constant worry for Harry Redknapp. Ryan Nelsen and Sebastien Bassong are both industrious enough, but are unfortunately not up to the standard Spurs demand. That leaves Younes Kaboul as the only top-class player at the position who is able to play week in week out. That is unsatisfactory for a team who are looking to cement their credentials as a top four team.

The buzz seems to be that Chairman Daniel Levy is close to beating Arsenal to the signature of Jan Vertonghen, the 25-year-old Belgian defender who this season helped Ajax win the Dutch Eredivisie. Tottenham has reportedly bid £10 million for him but he may be tempted by AC Milan’s attempts to snag him. Failing this, Tottenham may make a bid for Ryan Shawcross. The Stoke captain may not set the world alight, but he is solid.

Harry Redknapp is said to be very keen on bringing Emmanuel Adebayor back for another season. After impressing this season for Spurs, the Togolese forward may return on another loan deal from Manchester City. Failing that, Spurs may be able to talk him down from his current demand of £175,000 per week, but don’t count on it. To heap further misery on the Spurs, it would seem as though missing out on the Champions League will also cost them the signature of Loic Remy as well. The Marseille striker was supposed to be Adebayor’s replacement, but now it looks like Spurs will miss out on him.

A viable alternative would be to sign either Papiss Cisse or Demba Ba, both from Newcastle. Both have impressed this season for their club and the Magpies are known to offload their premier talent in search of profits (see Andy Carroll, Joey Barton). Another name in the mix is Leandro Damiao, who may follow the path set by midfielder Sandro from Brazilian club Internacional to White Hart Lane.

Another option for the Lilywhites is to buy Giuseppe Rossi from recently-relegated Villareal. Once one of the most highly sought-after players in Europe, Rossi may now be available on the cheap, albeit with a huge risk attached. Having suffered two cruciate ligament injuries this season, it is a doubt whether he will ever return to the high standard of football he once reached. However, at a price further reduced because of Villareal’s desperation to sell, Redknapp may feel he’s worth a £10 million punt, especially as is side is in tremendous need of a goal-scorer.

Finally, Tottenham may look to bring in another keeper as cover for the ageing Brad Friedel. Friedel has played well at times this season, but at others has looked all of his 41 years. Kasper Schmeichel has been very closely linked to the club and he may be one for the future.

Missing out on the Champions League this season won’t mean Spurs are doomed to fall back into the days of perennial mediocrity. It will mean however, that their ambitions for the summer and possibly the next few seasons will have to be revised. Instead of building on their recent successes, they may have to settle for consolidation of their overall position. This will be a long and testing summer for the North London club.

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  1. Joey Barton was fired, not sold. Also Rossi is out injured for about 10 months, so I doubt Spurs will take a £10 million punt on him. Try harder.

  2. i thought Steve Caulker is coming back to Spurs next season…he’ll go straight next to Kaboul in the starting XI, imo.

    1. Swansea is hoping to get Caulker on loan again for another season. The ball is in Tottenham’s court right now.

      The Gaffer

  3. Just a bit of advice. Do some proper research rather than using old news to create a story. Most fans don’t know the truth regarding their clubs transfer policies,targets or spending capabilities.

  4. I think that Saturdays events in Munich mean that Luka Modric will most certainly leave Tottenham. This is pure speculation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Spurs did a deal last summer to clear the path for Modric to leave this year if they failed to secure Champions League football. I think that people under-estimate Daniel Levy as a chairman and I will be surprised if he lets anyone else leave. I personally do not think it is the right time in Bales career to move and I think he would sit on the bench for most of the season at a ‘bigger club’. I think Van der Vaart has had that experience at Real Madrid, so I don’t think he will be going anywhere either.

    As for signings it sounds like the Jan Vertonghen deal is nearly done. I think spurs need another striker as Louise Saha does not cut the mustard as a third choice. I think Demba Ba could be their man with a £7m break clause. Harry is always good in the transfer window and the fact that spurs haven’t spent that much in the last 18 months (Adebayour on loan, Scott Parker £5.5m) I would expect a spending spree this term. Lets wait and see.

    1. Spurs the club and the fans including will have to get used to the idea that they are not as attractive destination as they think they are. E.g. why would Demba Ba consider joining Spurs if the move is a sidestep for him at best? Why would Newcastle sell to Spurs the team they rightfully consider in the same league and direct competitors? Why would any top tier player join a team that is likely to struggle to secure CL football? It is not that Spurs are in position to compensate by offering a significant wage increase. They couldn’t afford Adebayor their only decent striker this year. What makes you think they will be able afford let alone attract somebody of his caliber next season?

      1. What? Spurs have the cash, it the willingness to spend it. You are talking absolute garbage, so chelski needing miracles against Barca and Bayern after finishing 6th in the league isn’t struggling? Have you forgotten how you felt after 83 minutes in Germany at the weekend?

        Putting all your eggs in one game to qualify isn’t struggling, the uefa rule changing the amount of English clubs in the UCL competition is the only reason we are not in it. Sure you have your brave boots on now but stop with the ridiculous statements you soundalike a fool.

  5. tottenham hotspure are come this time goldan chance team have make some decision to change her squd more emprove next 2012-2012 seasom some replace,sold,buy dawson,kaboul,king,bassong,gallas but dawson,king,injured bassong not enough gallas agely but usefull kaboul stone of defending so 2 replace his centerback 1.king-to-vertoghen & bassong -to-showcrass and cualker he is option for gallas but next season he comfertable the squad loan out & ryan nelson 3-3 barclay and eroupa squad and g.santos -to-kransic/hoilet/moses/ramaraiz and bale want -to-hazard/hulk/wallcot/m.marin/levezzy/affalalay modric-to-ganso/dorlan pabon/ dempsey fridel -to-kasper schemical/green/loris/wise striker adabayor on permonant defoe,van dar vaart and one more need demblele/l.damiano/remy/odenwinge/holt/

  6. In response to Andrei, Newcastle have 1 good season and they think they are on par with Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool (debatable), Chelsea. Newcastle got lucky last season as Alan Pardew took a risk that paid off on buying players like Ba, Cisse, Cabaye, Ben Arfa. As a neutral I am afraid to say that unfortunately you have got your wires crossed and it is in fact Newcastle that is not as attractive destination as their fans wish to believe. After all history says that all of Newcastles ‘stars’ eventually end up at Spurs (Waddle,Gazza, Ferdinand, Ginola, Jenas :) and lets face it probably Ba). I don’t think that Spurs were in the European Cup when they signed these players either. Spurs are just considered a bigger club.

    If Newcastle get top 6 next season I promise you I will eat my words, but I sincerely doubt it. Liverpool will be better with a new manager and Chelsea will be stronger in the league.

    1. Spurs may have been considered a bigger club but it is a different ball game now. Hey, they used to be bigger than City and look where these teams are today. In the era of football mercenaries all that counts is hard cold cash and CL exposure to get lucrative endorsement deals. In terms of financial leverage Spurs are not that much better than Newcastle and definitely behind Arsenal and Liverpool. Chelsea are simply out of their reach. Throw in the need to finance new stadium and it is no surprise that Spurs will have very limited ability to strengthen aging and overrated squad that requires upgrades in every position.

      1. Another realistic scenario: if Chelsea come calling Redknapp will gladly jump the ship as he did with Portsmouth and Southampton. Where will that leave Spurs?

      2. what? Check the financial status of the top 6 clubs and see who is in the better financial situation. Look at the debt?

        1. What financial status do you want me to check? The key point is that Spurs have significantly lower revenue (£119M) compared to Arsenal (£382M), United (£286M) and Liverpool (£185M). In order to compete for the top talent they would need to bring their current wage bill from £67M to at least around £100M. To compare Arsenal are at £107M, Liverpool are at £121M, United are at £131M, City are at £133M and Chelsea are at £174M. To afford £100 in wages Spurs would need to bring their revenue up to £150+. I don’t see where it would come from given they will not have CL money and their already overtaxed revenue from broadcasting and corporate sponsorship is likely dwindle because of missing out on CL football. Spurs would need to significantly boost their gameday revenue currently at £27M which comparable to Villa, Newcastle or Everton but significantly lower then Arsenal (£94M) or United (£100M).

          What it all means that in order to support long term growth Spurs would need a new stadium. Would they be able fund it and upgrade the squad at the same time?

          1. Where did you source those figures? is this the result of Chleski long division?
            Below is a link that shows official published income form the premier league clubs. (it is in euro’s to but feel free to use the google exchange rate calculator to get an up to the minute amount.


            As you can Spurs are 11 on the list, Man City’s income is less than Spurs as is Juventus, Napoli…and, well, everyone else (Newcastle are 100 million below spurs)

            Spurs run at a profit, and haven’t had a russian invest 2.8 billion over 9 years a sheik invest 1.7 billion in 4 years or an american NFL team owner plug money.

            You also have to take into account the clubs income to debt ratio. the FIFA fair finance rules will.

          2. Hey have you read it yet Andrei? what is your source again?

            Even though it shows we have more match day income than Man City by 15m and liverpool by 3m even with our smaller 36,000 seater ground, I can’t wait for the new stadium, Im sure the 25,000 spurs fans on the waiting list for season tickets can’t wait to start singing from their new seats at the new 60,000 seater.


            And thankfully its going to be in Tottenham helping to build a community.

            Not on a completely different side of the Thames in completely different london borough. maybe the new chelski ground will be more attractive and not allow players to park a bus on the pitch anymore. wooott!

  7. I love having Modric at Spurs and he is a huge player for them — but not irreplaceable. If he’s going to whine and complain about a transfer then sell him — but only for ridiculous money (45m+). Maybe Spurs can’t replace him 100% but if they could get someone 90% as capable and be able to sign 1 or even two additional 1st team players that they currently need with the sale money then it’s a net gain for Spurs.
    The biggest question is whether the money from his sale would actually go towards new players.

    About some players not wanting to come to Spurs — hopefully they can see that it’s a technicality that Spurs will not be in the CL next season but that the team is good enough to have qualified. Also, that Spurs don’t score a lot should be a huge incentive to forwards out there — Spurs are a quality side and have done it without a real forward. Damiao (my favorite choice) and other forwards should see that with their added goal-scoring Spurs can challenge for anything.

    Finally, as for Krasic, maybe he could stay with a CL team for next season, but he’s got to be aware that he only made 7 appearances this season. Why not trade that for a bigger role with Spurs?

    1. Daniel – Jamie is a world class forward but Harry won;t let him play (a bit like Torres at Chelsea). We are not short on Goal scorers. Jamie, Addo, Luis, Aaron, Rafa & Gareth all know where the back of the net is, If we are not scoring – and we aren’t – then the problem lies somewhere else,

      Looking foreward to Harry’s season at Chelsea !!!

      1. You’re right that we have goal scorers and I agree that the lack of rotation is a HUGE problem. This is probably for a different post but I think HR has done well with the club but that he’s taken them as far as he can. I’d like to get a manager with more tactical understanding, who will rotate the squad, and put more emphasis on developing players than getting stop-gap 30-year-olds.

        The problem with with forwards we have — except for Ade, who actually fits pretty well — is that the team’s strength is in midfield, with classic wingers outside (when Bale stays put) and playmakers in the middle. To get the best from our forwards they need to be able to 1. hold up play well 2. be an aerial threat 3. occupy both CBs.
        Defoe and Saha, in particular, are quality forwards but don’t do any of those things. Defoe is fast off the shoulder of the last defender and has a great shot, but it doesn’t fit with how the rest of the team plays.

  8. The fashion in which Spurs dominated teams and stayed in the hunt is easily forgotten because of the proverbial wheels that fell of the bus at the scumeraites, we were still in it, and that is with the current squad. Get money for luka, If he stays fine but he had better fix his attitude, i honestly really don’t care if he goes, no point in keeping a mopping cancer at the club.

    If you make winning the league your goal and put reasonable funds behind the manaer for salaries as much as in the transfer market for players then it is not unrealistic for Spurs to have he chance at a title. This does not mean Spurs have to spend 130 million on players like Liverpool to improve the squad enough to challenge, 30 – 40 million would do it.

    So chelski and the farse can give it large all they want because of the way it ended up, but, they are kiding themselves if they think the gap between the clubs this season was more than a centre back with 2 good knees away from finishing above you both and spurs in the UCL. (remember the king challenge on balotelli at etihad and the norwich performance at the lane, those draws would have done it) It’s easy for them to forget the realities of the season while they gasp for air after a huge sigh of relief that followed both messi and robbens missed penalties that subsequently put them both in better situations, if only for now.

    With the level of rebuilding they have to do to sustain anything at chelski the financial fair play will kick their a$$. Even Van Dirty doesn’t care for a top 4 finish as Just like Nasri, clichey and cesc they want to win, and they havent won anything in over 7 years, nothing,not even a carling cup at the farce. Hey farce, why don’t you worry about keeping your own players and trying to figure out how to not loose 8-2 at old trafford next year. If RVD goes then what happens? If he stays and reverts to his typical injury prone season then what?

    Chelski, do you think uefa would prefer the kind of football spurs played in the UCL or the garbage chelski played? Did you see the dissapointment on platini’s face during the trophy handout?

    I can’t wait for next season, and we will see if the farce have kept van dirty and how cocky they are. Remember Chelski you were dominated by us in the league fixtures but rode your luck and were just 2 goal line clearances in each fixture against us from loosing both games.

    So the farce and chelski can fly high right now but reality will catch up soon and when it does there will be a whole lot of ROFL..LOL…LMAO…HAHAHA with a sponsored mockathon in your honour when it does.

    1. Dust, do you believe the nonsense you write ? Do you mean the kind of football that couldn’t get you out of the group stage of the Europa League ? dominated like Bayern Munich or Barcelona ? well both teams ended going out to Chelsea. The League games showed that Chelsea has all the heart that Spurs never show and of course you forget to mention that Ramires missed a sitter at the death to win. Dust do ever wonder why everyone calls you 3 point lane or No Heart lane ? because you don’t have the bottle and I doubt Spurs ever will. Spurs have always been in Arsenal’s shadow and now you are in Chelsea’s shadow as well.

      1. Spurs didn’t put out team to compete in the europa league.

        YOU have no idea what you are talking about… live in denial, your club may have won the game but there is not a person on the planet with even a remote understanding or love for the game that doesn’t think chelsea played negative awful football, rode their luck and parked the bus against both Barca and Bayern Munich. so sssshhh.

        Did Bayern show less “HEART” when they bombarded chelski for 88 minutes? and chelski couldn’t out of their own half for 30 minutes? at least they attacked and played football The chelski win was luck.

  9. Dust I think your 100% right. The good thing about spurs and arsenal is that they are run as businesses and not as a hobby. Spurs could pay big money if they wanted, but they choose not too. There’s a good chance that chelsea, city, united and Liverpool might not exist in 10/20 years time because of their negligence to spend unrealistic amounts now. Look what happened Leeds and now rangers. Spurs will be alright, like I said in a previous post, modric will go, the rest will stay and there will be 3/4 additions.

    Chelski lap it up now, because when abramovic gets bored you lot are f***ed.

  10. Andrei – every Spurs fan I know is just praying that Harry will end up at Chelsea next season (me included). The sight of Gareth Bale practicing his short passing on the right wing with Aaron Lenon against Blackburn at the end of the season just turned my stomach over.

    The squad we have – even without Modric & Bale is more than capable of fighting for third or fourth spot next season. While I don’t see any one encroaching on Utd & City the last two Champions league spots are an unpredictabe five-way-split (Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea, Arsenal & Spurs).

    Why Jamie defoe spent so much time on the bench when we needed goals I cannot fathom (see Spurs v Villa). And if he didn’t score as many goals as he would have liked, it is becase those responsible for getting the ball to the forewards were not doing their job (Spurs are still playing the long ball out of defense – which just comes straight back). Strikers cannot strike if they don’t get the ball.

    With the right manager – how about Ralf Rangnick from Germany (who has a brilliant tactical understanding – which Harry hasn’t) – there is no reason why the squad could not produce. And while we are at it – why not take the EUFA cup seriously this time around instead of sending the kiddies off on a European junkit.

  11. This is an interesting read here is the link to the top 20 european football clubs in order of revenue for 2012, and yes Spurs are number 11, in all of europe. They have a greater income than the EPL, Italian, French and German League Champions for this season.

    The breakdown of incomes by matchday, commercial and broadcasting revenues will intrigue and maybe even surprise you.

    So when people make statements like “Spurs aren’t a big enough club” or “Spurs don’t have the resources” they don’t have a clue what they are talking about!

      1. Financial report for 2011? that article was written in october by the least source the original.

        The report I sent you isn’t manipulated, its a straight Jan 01 2011 thru Dec 31 2011.

        The “ball parks” really? They are no where near what you said and I quote

        “The key point is that Spurs have significantly lower revenue (£119M) compared to Arsenal (£382M),”

        when the Deloitte financial report regarded as the most accurate money league and used by Sky, the BBC and other media outlets when analyzing the financial status of each club.

        The arse income is 251m Euro’s (£201m, or $320m) and spurs is 181m Euro’s (£146, or $230m) so no where near the3 times the income gap you stated.

        Just own it, you were wrong

  12. i think IF modric and bale were set to leave this summer , lets assume we buy VERTHONGEN wich we definetly schould, i would go for affelay or maybe hoillet and keep pienaar + i think dembele would be the top sign that we need , if we keep adebayor and defoe then we have a word class offence to combine with lennon , vdv and dembele . odemwingie or zaha to keep a striker on hand could be a possibility ( maybe bojan what do you think)

  13. and this might be silly but robben despite the fact he has signed a new contract , and ironicly doomed spurs could be a possibilty when we get the cash from modric right ? since he feels bad at bayern and he knows vdv well .. that would be class

  14. Andrei, you really do not have any clue whatsoever about the history, financial running of clubs or anything to do with football. Little knowledge can be very dangerous, you have been hugely misinformed and to save yourself further embaressment its best you just stop talking now.

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