Didier Drogba to Quit Chelsea to Join Chinese Club, Says Report

It appears that Didier Drogba has kicked his last ball for Chelsea Football Club.

The devastating news for Chelsea supporters, and fans of the Premier League, is that Drogba has reportedly agreed a contract with Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua. In an interview with France Football Magazine, Drogba was quoted as saying that he informed his teammates during Sunday’s parade through the streets of London to celebrate Chelsea’s Champions League Final victory.

Drogba added,

“We will no longer be together next season. As I decided to leave, I wanted to tell them straight in the eye. Except that I could not do it. They made me crack. Even though it’s been three years since I said I wanted to leave, I find it hard to admit that it’s over with this club – especially as I did not feel like this. But I could not see myself sitting on the bench to watch others play when the club plans to set up a new team. So that’s it – I am preparing for my leap into the unknown. It’s going to be another adventure.”

Didier Drogba’s contract with Chelsea expires this summer.

If the news is true, it’s a crying shame. I blame Andre Villas-Boas for making Drogba feel unwanted at Chelsea Football Club. After Anelka joined a Chinese club last year, there were many rumors about Drogba being contacted to play in China, too. If Villas-Boas had given Drogba more time and respect, I believe he would have seen that his future still lay at Chelsea. The incredible Ivory Coast striker still has a good one or two years left in him as evidenced by how he turned the 2012 Champions League Final around.

Farewell, Didier. We will miss you.


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