What Are Your Favorite Soccer Leagues? Take Our Survey

There are so many quality soccer leagues on television that we’re spoilt for choice. Pick any major league in the world, and you’re just a click of a remote control button away from it. But which ones do you watch and/or follow from the most to the least?

Go ahead and let us know by taking the following survey. Just click on the leagues you watch and/or follow the most and rank them in order (from most watched/followed to least).

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11 thoughts on “What Are Your Favorite Soccer Leagues? Take Our Survey”

  1. for the most part i think people should support their domestic league so it can grow and help their national team. saying that, i understand foreign nationals don’t have to. that’s why i support only two leagues…mls first and the epl second.

  2. I am a three person…

    I support the MLS because I was born here

    I support the EPL and Arsenal because my parents were from Brent (in North London) and I go there around 4 times a year.

    And get this…

    I also support RELIGIOUSLY the I-League in India because of my backround. So I wake up at 5 in the morning just to watch Indian Soccer on stream but it does help because I can watch the crappiest soccer on earth in India and then watch the 7:30am EPL match and just love it more for how good the soccer is.

  3. EPL. I tried watching other leagues but nothing beats English Football. And I’m attached to the ‘characters’ involved.

  4. First, the Bundesliga. Because when I was growing up Soccer Made in Germany was all I got, the quality is high, the atmosphere is unbeatable and the coverage I get is fairly good. Schalke is my team and has been for 30+ years now (although I’m temperamentally drawn to St Pauli as well these days; as an old punk I dig their style).

    Second, the NPSL because that’s what my local side plays in and that’s what I get to go see in person. I purchase ‘season tickets’ (one in the same as a team jersey) every year and try to make every match within a reasonable distance.

    The EPL and Serie A I’ll also watch if the above two are not on (or, rather, occurring in the case of Chattanooga FC). I find the English game to be just as exciting in the play and nearly as fun in the atmosphere as it is in Germany although I lack the visceral connection to a side, and Italian ball plays at a tactical level that I find both fascinating and exhilarating when it is done well.

    I occasionally watch MLS if I can find the week’s Timbers match. I find it difficult to get particularly enthused about it though. I’m just as likely to stay up a little late to watch Nagoya Grampus Eight play to be honest.

  5. EPL
    Serie A
    La Liga

    I try to watch MLS because it is usually all that is on in the summer besides tournaments however I find it hard to get into.

    I don’t understand the argument to watch it just because it is our domestic league. I don’t love my mother in law just because she is related to my wife…..

  6. 1. EPL
    2. J – League
    3. Bundesliga

    Totally agree with Matthew, I don’t love his mother in law either. Still hope that one day the MLS becomes a top league, not at the expense of the other leagues but thanks to a expanding the pie situation. There’s plenty more players and fans to be mined.

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